Stephanie arrives at the Kiriakis mansion, sans costume. She meets Philip poolside. "Trick-or-Treat," she says, but she's not happy. Philip sees she needs a friend and asks her to spill it. She tells him Max is still upset with her. She cries and tells him that she feels her heart is breaking. She can't stop crying, picturing them in happier times and says she thought Max would apologize for making her look like a liar, but he hasn't. Philip wonders if he's having a hard time coming to her as she is to him and Stephanie admits she's afraid they can't work things out, because Max always sides with his sister Melanie. She blames Melanie for the break-up but Philip thinks she's giving Melanie too much credit. He knows how Melanie operates; reminding Stephanie that he turned her in to Bo. He calls Melanie fairly harmless. "All bark and no bite." Stephanie disagrees and doesn't think Melanie has morals or a conscience.

Max cleans the bar as Melanie eats Hallowe'en candy and tells him that Bo and Hope tried to set her up yesterday by allowing the lawyer to give her a letter meant for them. She says she was supposed to show it to them after she read it but didn't show it to them, or get a chance to read it. Whatever's in the letter took her off the number one suspect list, she says, gaily. She asks what was in the box Trent gave him but he has no idea and doesn’t want to know what it is. He wants space and tells his sister that she put him through hell. Melanie asks if he blames him for his break-up with Stephanie. He thinks she added to it with her lies and manipulations. Melanie apologizes. She didn't mean to hurt him. Max asks if she's moving back in, but she laughs. That won't happen. She'll get a job and save up to buy a place of her own, she says. They laugh that all Trent's money went to a good cause - gambling!

Nicole, Bo and Hope arrive at Salem PD. Nicole yells that they're a couple of clowns, but Hope asks her to keep her mouth shut until her attorney arrives. Since he's late, Bo wonders if EJ wised up and decided Nicole was more trouble than she's worth. Nicole thinks he's arranging her release, but Bo's doubtful. "Your case against me is weaker than a wine cooler," she muses, and they tell her that her case is pretty good. Nicole thinks Trent was trying to frame her but Bo says she's got no credibility. EJ arrives and tells Nicole he may not have much of a choice but to leave her in jail. Considering her priors, there isn't much he can do. He says she shot Colin Murphy and then there are the pesky rumors going around that she tried to kill Victor.

Outside Bo's office, Bo tells Hope the good news. Caroline's no longer a suspect in the murder. He's off to tell her!

Back in Bo's office, EJ says the DA thinks her history is pretty bad. "Can't you vouch for me," Nicole asks. "I haven't tried to kill you." EJ says, "Yet." Nicole is upset by this and EJ asks her to tell him exactly what happened - unfiltered! She tells him she met with Trent the day before he murdered and he had the marriage certificate that she tore to pieces. She met him again the night of his murder and they argued. EJ doesn't believe that Nicole's being completely honest. He yells that if she trusted him, she'd have told him that Trent was harassing her. Nicole thought she could handle it, she says but EJ sarcastically says, "Job well done!" He yells that she should have thought in advance. Every decision she makes affects the three of them. Nicole will keep that in mind in the future, but EJ says, "Future. Right…" he goes off to make a call and when Hope returns to the office, Nicole asks if Hope can do anything to help her. She's innocent. Hope says there's no maternity wing in prison. EJ returns and tells Hope that Nicole can't be in work detail. She needs to be somewhere where she can rest. Hope will do her best to ensure she is not harmed, she says. EJ asks Hope about Sami's case, but she can't comment on it. Nicole rolls her eyes and EJ goes to explain and she says, "Shut it. I don't want to hear it." She accuses him of being more worried about Samantha than her. They argue and EJ tells her, "Stop acting like a jealous child." He asks her to grow up and tells her he's worried about both she and Samantha. He screams that Sami was almost shot dead and for a second, he thought he'd lose Johnny's mother. If she doesn't understand that, they've nothing in common, except that child! They argue more and EJ yells that his child will not be born in prison. When she's alone, she cries that she didn't kill Trent.

Hilda snores loudly in her sleep while Sami tries to drown out the sound with a scary movie. Before she's able to turn the television on, somebody rings the doorbell. She looks for something to give who she thinks are Trick-or-Treaters and then before she can open the door, somebody starts jiggling the knob. Outside the door, we see a man pull out a gun and eventually open the door. "Come out slowly, hands in the air," he says. She does so and he introduces himself as "Rafe Fernandes, FBI!" He thought the place had been compromised because Hilda didn't answer her phone. He asks what's wrong with her and Sami says she fell asleep. Sami admits she put Hilda's phone on vibrate because Hilda was complaining of needing beauty sleep! Rafe yells, "Hilda! Hilda!" He looks at her eyes with a light and tells Sami she's been drugged. "Really? You think," Sami says, innocently. He looks into the teacup and sniffs it. "Residue on the bottom," he says and licks it. Figuring out what Sami did, Rafe says, "You have a lot of explaining to do," he tells Sami, who admits Hilda was invading her personal space, so she played a joke on her. Rafe asks if she's stupid. She's in witness protection. Not only did she put her own life in risk, she put Hilda's life at risk. Sami cries victim but Rafe wonders how Hilda will feel about that. Hilda wakes up and admits she thinks she was drugged! "You," she says to Sami. Hilda has a few nasty things to say about Sami and tells her she quits. Rafe asks her to reconsider, but she won't. She leaves, in her nightgown! Rafe thinks Sami should have begged her to stay. They argue and Sami wishes they could send her a professional. Rafe thinks she's lucky if they send her a Rottweiler next time! Rafe calls Roman to tell him what happened. Sami hopes he will leave out the drugging of Hilda, so he decides not to call Roman. He decides to call Command and tell them Hilda resigned. He thinks the next person will see right through her schemes. When he calls Command, he's not happy to find that he is replacing Hilda!

Nick comes by the pub, and overhearing about her search for a place to live, he tells Melanie she can stay with him! He lures her with leftover's from Chez Rouge and she asks him for time alone with Max, before she makes a decision. Nick steps aside and takes a prescription drug while Max asks Melanie to keep it platonic. Melanie laughs. She likes that he's looking after her. Bo arrives and tells them he thinks he knows who murdered Trent. Nicole Walker. Bo asks Melanie, "No hard feelings, right?" Melanie still plans on filing a harassment case. "Happy Hallowe'en Detective!" Max sighs, uncomfortably, but Bo reminds her they had plenty of reason to suspect her. If their case against Nicole wasn't so strong, she'd be the main suspect. Max tries to get Bo to stop but Bo tells him that if it wasn't for Melanie's manipulations and lies, he'd still be with Stephanie. Later, Melanie accepts Nick's offer to move in. After finding a knife to be used for cutting a cake, Melanie looks at it and quietly calls herself a lucky little girl.

By the pool at the mansion, Philip says Melanie's spoiled. Stephanie thinks Philip's into her but he denies it. Stephanie won't hate him if he's infatuated with Miss Poison Ivy. Philip is not interested in her the way, Stephanie thinks, and calls her abrasive and manipulative. He doesn't think she killed Trent. Stephanie disagrees. Philip takes a call from Victor, telling him that Caroline's no longer a suspect in the murder case. He hangs up and tells Melanie the news and that Nicole Walker has been arrested for the murder. Stephanie is shocked.

Next on Days of our Lives:

EJ asks Nicole, "Did you do it? Did you kill Trent?"

Nick asks Chelsea, "Who the hell do you think you are, Chelsea?" Chelsea asks, "Have you lost your mind?" Nick shouts, "Get out!"

Daniel tells an unconscious Kate, "We need you Kate, your kids, Chelsea…me..."

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