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At the Brady’s pub, drunken Xander commiserates with Rex over losing Sarah. Later, the guys are outside when Rex realizes he can’t go home because his wife is there. rex and xander drunk days of our livesXander laughs and Rex leans over and vomits as Kate walks up. She’s shocked at the display. They explain they got dumped by Sarah. Kate gasps, “What?” Xander walks away as Rex explains how Sarah’s in love with Eric. Kate’s sorry. Rex feels stupid.

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Sarah arrives at Eric’s. She sees his face is red. Eric explains that Rex hit him but he can’t blame his brother. Sarah tells him about her talk with her mother and the realization that she came to. Her marriage is over. She asks if there’s a chance for them. Eric doesn’t respond. Can be happy after hurting Rex? Sarah argues they can. She’s done lying and stuffing her feelings down. “I love you, Eric. I’ve always loved you,” she says. Eric tries to stop her but she tells him she loves how he looks at her as if she’s the only woman in the world. Eric kisses her. He talks about how guilt has stopped him from seeing what was in front of him and then professes his love. They kiss, then make love.

Eli drags Stefan into SPD. Stefan argues that Ted was still alive when he left. Eli reminds him he was holding the murder weapon. Stefan thinks he’s as biased as Hope Brady. Privately, Eli calls Hope.

At the park, Kristen, in dark sunglasses and a hood, runs off when Hope stops her to give her the money she dropped. Hope takes Eli’s call. He asks her to meet him at the station.

Brady arrives at “Nicole’s” room at Salem Inn, and Tony asks what he plans for his wife. Brady is surprised Tony cares since the marriage is in name only. They discuss Eric stealing Nicole from him. Fake Nicole turns up and walks Tony outside. Kristen says she left Ted’s body in his apartment and tells him about the close call with Hope. Tony muses that poor Ted wasn’t so fortunate. Tony leaves and “Nicole” returns. Brady mentions how protective Tony is. “Nicole” regrets that the plan to take over DiMera didn’t work. Brady shares Gabi’s seduction scheme, which astonishes “Nicole.” She puts the moves on Brady again, asking him to help her rule Salem. She seduces him, telling him she has needs and finally, he caves and she texts Tony not to come home. She becomes squeamish when he touches her thigh and exclaims, “The burns, the scars.” Brady doesn’t care. She turns the lights out and they have sex.

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Xander arrives home. Maggie notes he’s drunk. Xander was helping Rex numb the pain after her daughter broke his heart. Maggie gets him some water and Xander knows Rex was never right for Sarah. He asks Maggie to put in a good word for him. Maggie smiles but says Sarah’s heart belongs to Eric. Xander finds it bizarre since Eric’s still into Nicole. He slips up and says “And that’s not even Nicole.” Maggie questions him. Xandy backtracks and says she’s changed. She’s become a cold-hearted bitch. Maggie retorts that she’s grieving for her child. She gets ice cream and two spoons and tells Xander she’s sorry her daughter hasn’t returned his feelings for her. Someday he’ll find a woman right for him. They dig into the Cookies & Cream.

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Kate bumps into Tony at the square and gasps, assuming he’s tony and kate days of our livesAndre. She passes out in his arms. When she comes to, she learns it’s really Tony. He updates her on how it’s possible he’s alive. He heard she married Andre and asks why. She needed to be CEO of DiMera. Tony laughs. That’s why he married Nicole Walker. Kate’s stunned. Tony tells Kate how he came to marry Nicole. He gets “Nicole’s” text and tells Kate he’s been kicked out of his suite tonight. The pair agrees to have a drink together.

Hope arrives at SPD. Alone, Eli tells her about his new job. stefan arrested days of our livesHope’s thrilled for him, especially after Eve’s reign. Eli’s happy about that but it’s not why he asked her to come in. He’s sorry to tell her that Ted Laurent has been murdered. Eli reveals all. Hope remembers seeing Stefan earlier, who was headed to see Ted. Stefan’s brought back and Hope lashes out at him. Stefan says he didn’t kill Ted. Later, when alone, Eli questions the last time Hope saw Ted. She shares the story of ransacking Ted’s place and finding the stack of money and how Ted told her clients paid in cash sometimes. “Ted didn’t deserve to be murdered,” Hope says.

Hope finds Tony with Kate at the square. She hugs Tony, finding it incredulous to see him. Hope tells Kate that Ted’s dead. Kate gasps. “What?” Kate is speechless. “Poor Ted,” she says, looking upset.

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