Stefan arrested by Eli and Jack Days of our Lives
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Brady arrives at the DiMera mansion where Gabi informs him she’s the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises and explains how she executed her plan and succeeded even after Nicole dug up a DiMera husband. Brady recalls seducing Eve to get Basic Black back then falling for her. Gabi claims she hates Stefan’s guts. Brady notes there’s a fine line between love and hate. Gabi retorts she’s already thrown Stefan out. Brady promises Gabi he’ll give her a generous severance. She warns him not to underestimate her – she’s Gabi DiMera now. Brady welcomes competition and wishes her luck. Once alone, Gabi tells her father-in-law Stefano’s portrait, “Don’t worry, I’ll make you proud.”

In the square, Stefan leaves Eli a voicemail about a conspiracy against him and Tony being alive. He disconnects and runs into Hope. He’s looking for Nicole, but explains he thinks Ted and Kate are setting him up. He also tells Hope about Gabi’s betrayal and Nicole and Gabi vying for DiMera Enterprises. Hope’s taken aback to hear Tony’s alive and believes Stefan about Ted and Kate conspiring – they’re hiding something. Stefan wants to handle it and vows Ted will talk to him if it’s the last thing he ever does.

At the Salem PD, Jack learns Eli has accepted his offer to become commissioner and congratulates him. Eli accepts Jack's offer Days of our LivesThey discuss Lani and loyalty before Jack reveals he’s divorcing Eve. Eli asks if he’ll be getting back with Jennifer. Jack scoffs – she sees him as a slimy politician. As Jack tries calling Ted about the D.A. job, Eli checks his voicemail then updates Jack on Stefan’s message. Jack decides Tony DiMera should be paid a visit.

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At Kristen’s suite, Ted is shot dead as he fights Tony for the gun. Tony wants to call the authorities. Kristen asks if he’s out of his mind – she can’t allow this to get in the way of her plan to win back Brady. Tony is only willing to do so much for her and warns the police could be on their way. Ted’s phone rings and they let it go to voicemail. Later, Eli comes to the door and Tony cracks the door and steps out. Eli wants to come in. Tony lets him in and says Nicole is taking out the trash – an old trunk. Eli stands by Ted’s blood on the carpet. Tony moves to cover it with his shoe, then learns Eli is there to put him on notice, and complains he’s being profiled. Eli plans to be tough on crime and remarks on his surprising marriage. Tony just wants the opportunity to move on with his life. Eli hopes he makes the most of it. Later, Tony opens the door to Brady, who’s looking for Nicole. Tony asks his intentions with his wife.

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At Doug’s Place, Jennifer updates Abe that Jack decided to get his memory back and now there’s no chance of it happening. She explains about Eve burning the diary and destroying the vials of serum. Abe’s so sorry – he knows she was hoping they’d get back together. Jenn doesn’t want to think about Jack, who enters and walks by them. Jack talks with Abe and Jennifer Days of our LivesAbe’s irked and approaches to offer sympathy on Eve betraying him. Jack suspects he’s rubbing his face in it. Abe’s only concerned about Jack’s personal life with regard to people he cares about, and glances toward Jennifer. Jack tells Abe that Eli took the job as commissioner and Abe thinks he’s a fine choice. Jenn jumps in to agree. Talk turns to Jack making different choices now that he’s not with Eve. Jack isn’t going to change and won’t let personal feelings cloud his judgment again. After, Abe tells Jenn that part of Jack wants to be the man he used to be.

At the SPD, Eli updates Jack on his visit to Tony. They decide to go pay Ted a visit since he’s not returning Jack’s calls.

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In Ted’s place, Kristen, with a trunk, chortles to ‘Teddy’ that he’s home and says, “Let’s get you comfortable.” She drags him out of the trunk onto the floor and sets about making the scene look like a botched robbery.Stefan finds Ted's dead body Days of our Lives She searches until she finds his cash and takes it along with the diamond necklace, then slips out. “Au revoir, Mr. Laurent.” Soon, Stefan arrives, finds Ted on the floor, rolls him over and sees the gunshot wound and gun. Stefan wonders, “Who did this to you?” Beside the dead body, Stefan slowly raises his hands as Jack burst in with Eli, who’s pointing a gun.

In the park, Kristen decides she’ll keep the cash, but drops a bill. She throws away the necklace as Hope finds the bill and calls, “Miss, you dropped this.”

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