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Gabi, Stefan, and Mr. Shin, (played by Michael Hagiwara) are shocked when Tony DiMera walks into the DiMera manse with Kristen in the Nicole mask and she reveals they’re married. Tony introduces himself to Stefan as his brother. He relays that Dr. Rolf and Kristen brought him back from the dead. “Nicole” fake nicole mr shin days of our liveslies that Tony saved her life and they bonded at the hospital. They’re in love and now husband and wife. Stefan and Gabi are skeptical. Shin is confused as to who the rightful heir is. Stefan and Fake Nicole bash each other in a war of one-upmanship. They make points to Mr. Shin as to who would be better able to run the company. Gabi offers to strip her husband of power so that he can’t “run the company into the ground” which is something “Nicole’s” worried about. Stefan takes Gabi aside. He doesn’t want his powers stripped. They discuss it and return to Shin. Stefan agrees to have his powers revoked so Shin says Gabriella is the new CEO. “Nicole” goes ballistic and appeals to Shin, using the death of Holly. Shin promises she’ll still run Basic Black. Gabi and “Nicole” have a screaming match and Tony drags “Nic” away. Shin goes and Gabi flashes to boasting to Kate how she’ll ruin Stefan. Stefan asks Gabi to take their celebration upstairs. Gabi has a better idea. She tells him to pack his things and get out of her house.

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Eric mopes into Brady’s pub and mutters something to his father about being a third wheel. Roman knows this doesn’t end well when two brothers have feelings for the same woman. eric mopes days of our livesEric says that his upset is not just because of Sarah but because he just learned Nicole married back-from-the-dead Tony DiMera. He sums up the story and Roman finds the whole story bizarre. Eric says since she returned, Nicole is a different woman. He wonders what is wrong with him. Roman suggests he take a break from women.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Rex tells Sarah he loves her and she replies, “I love you too, Eric.” Rex questions her and she lies that she probably had too much MSG and she’s tired. Rex has seen them together and demands to know what’s going on between them. Sarah finally reveals that she and Eric have feelings for each other. Hurt, Rex asks why she married him. Sarah loves him and thought they could make a life together. But when “Nicole” hurt him, Sarah’s heart went out to him and it was harder to fight her feelings for him. Rex is disgusted. No wonder she wanted to leave Eric’s. When Rex asks, Sarah admits she is in love with Eric. Angry, he takes off.

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At Ted’s, Hope asks what he’s doing with the big wad of cashhope demands truth ted days of our lives in his drawer. She isn’t sure if it’s real and asks if he’s a criminal. Ted says most of his clients are criminal and he accepts all forms of payment. He offers to get rid of it and when he tries to throw it in the trash, he sees the basil. He realizes she set him up by throwing it away so she could then toss his apartment. She admits it’s true. She tells him that Will watched the CCTV footage of the docks and there was no sign of Xander or Ted the night he claimed to be kidnapped. Ted retorts that Will Horton hates him and he couldn’t have had access to all of the cameras. Hope wants the truth and when Ted refuses to talk, she gives him the necklace and goes. Ted calls Kate who is at the park. He needs her help. Just then, Hope walks up.

Kate drops by the Kiriakis mansion. Shirtless Xander receives xander shirtless days of our livesher and he flirts. She wants a meeting with Kristen and asks him to set it up. He asks why. She hates watching her back all the time and tells him about attacking Sarah by accident. Xander immediately worries but Kate assures him Sarah’s fine. Xander says Kristen’s off the grid but doesn’t see Kate as a threat since she helped her get back DiMera. Kate decides to ignore the lot of them and stomps off. Sarah rushes into the living room and asks if Xander has seen Rex. Xander assumes there’s trouble in paradise.

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Eric arrives home to Rex sitting in his living room. Rex thanks him for ruining his marriage.

At Salem Inn, Kristen tells Tony that she’s going to kill Gabi.

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