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At Doug’s Place, Ted demands Chloe hand him over the diamond necklace that Rex gave her because it was stolen from him and could be evidence in a criminal trial. Chloe says Xander gave it to Sarah as a wedding gift so Rex regifted it to her. Ted fills her in on the kidnapping and thinks by Chloe keeping the necklace, it’d make her an accessory. Chloe takes it off.

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At the square, Hope and Will have lunch and Will says he wants to write an editorial on the Stefan DiMera kidnapping case. Hope’s not on the force anymore. ted gives hope necklace days of our livesWill wants to talk about Ted. He apologizes for blowing up on her when he had the tumor. He still sees Ted as a blackmailer. Hope’s not defending him but she can’t defame him for Will’s article. Will gets it but wonders if Ted really was just an innocent victim. Will says he claims to have been lured from the docks but he reviewed the camera footage from the docks and there’s no sign of Ted or Xander. Ted watches from nearby as Hope asks if Will’s positive. Ted approaches and Hope tells Will this isn’t the time to discuss. He goes and Hope makes light of her talk with Will. Ted gives her the necklace and she finally agrees to accept it, though her mind wanders to Will’s findings.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi and Stefan wonder what Nicole is up to and who she’s marrying. Abe says he knows it’s not Brady. Ben assumes Nicole’s marrying someone gabi and stefan married days of our liveselse to gain control of DiMera. Gabi throws a fit and Abe says she’d have to marry a DiMera. Gabi asks if Nic could marry Theo. Abe almost passes out laughing. That’s far out. Abe spoke to Theo and Brandon a few days ago. Abe suggests Peter or Stefano. Over at Ben’s, Ciara has cut flowers from the garden and starts to make a bouquet for Gabi. Ben thought she couldn’t stand Gabi. Ciara doesn’t like her but she can see the way that Stefan and Gabi were looking at each other and thinks they’re falling for each other. Ben and Ciara return to the main house and Gabi happily accepts the bouquet. The wedding gets underway. Abe pronounces Gabi and Stefan husband and wife after they exchange rings.

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In Chicago, Brady realizes Tony DiMera is living there when he finds a photo of Tony and Anna’s wedding. Kristen in the Nicole mask looks upset, wondering where Tony is. She flashes to their last conversation and how upset he was to be risking so much marrying her. “Nicole” asks Brady to look around outside while she calls the cops. He goes and she calls Tony and blasts him for not being home. Brady returns and Tony comes in after. It’s awkward. tony and fake nicole days of our livesBrady comments that he really is alive. Tony talks about a long recovery and that the explosion at the warehouse was a massive setback. Fake Nicole asks if it was him who saved her from the explosion. Tony says he did through a burst of adrenalin. When he was discharged from the hospital, he went there. Faux Nicole thanks him. Brady learns Tony had been in contact with Kristen when the building was collapsing. He assumes she died in the fire. “Nicole” springs the marriage on him and explains the situation as if Tony doesn’t already know. “Nicole” will marry him until he gains power and then divorce him so he can be with Anna. Tony agrees. Brady leaves to find someone to marry them and “Nicole” and Tony argue about her plan. Kristen tries to threaten him but Tony won’t have it. He takes charge. Kristen apologizes. Tony was merely walking to clear his head. He finds her proposal bizarre and disgusting. But he’ll let her go on with her cover story. Brady walks in and questions what they mean. “Nicole” says they need to find a way to make their marriage believable. She says they are pretending they got close while in the hospital. Soon, the Justice of the Peace, Judge Franklin, (played by Barry Heins) arrives and a quickie wedding is done. The groom looks at Anna’s photo and kisses the bride on her cheek.

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At SPD, Eli and Lani discuss him taking the police commissioner job. They joke about her calling him Police Commissioner Grant and they notice Rafe didn’t seem happy with the news. Lani blames Gabi marrying Stefan. Rafe’s out of sorts. Lani invites him to dinner to celebrate the news. Julie will be so proud. Eli worries since Hope should have never lost her job and Julie’s fiercely protective.

Eli and Lani arrive at Doug’s Place to tell Chloe the good news. Chloe’s a friend of Eve’s but even she can see that Eve wasn’t right for the job. Chloe congratulates them on their upcoming marriage.

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Outside the pub, Will jumps on a call to tell someone about his conversation with Hope about Ted. Will hopes that Hope can expose him.

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