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Kristen in the Nicole disguise sneaks into a locked room where Tony DiMera’s sitting in a wheelchair. He asks, “Nicole Walker, what are you doing here?” Kristen takes off the disguise and Tony gasps, “Kristen.” He assumes Dr. Rolf created the Nicole mask and asks why she’s passing herself off as Nicole. Kristen explains she needed to walk around free and since Nicole didn’t survive the explosion, it worked for her. She asks how Tony’s doing. He’s the same. He’s just glad to be out of that room in Nashville. Kristen can see the changes in him. He was almost 100% before the warehouse set fire. He’s grateful she pulled him out of the fire. Staying away from Anna has been the hardest thing he’s done. Kristen thinks he needs to get back to the land of the living. Tony’s not sure he’s ready but Kristen says Stefan will take over the company if he doesn’t. Only a DiMera can be a CEO but Tony doesn’t want the job. Kristen will take it – all he needs to do is marry her. They’re not blood-related. Tony says it’s still weird. Plus, he’s married to Anna. Kristen reminds him he’s legally dead. Tony says his heart belongs to Anna. Kristen grouses that he owes her his life. Tony can’t devastate Anna – and he won’t! He reminds her she attempted to murder Marlena. Once she’s cleared of her legal issues, Kristen says she’ll divorce him. She threatens to kick him out on the street. He laughs and then agrees to it.

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At the Kiriakis manse, Brady rubs off “Nicole’s” lipstick from his face xander in mask with brady days of our livesas Xander teases him and encourages him to date Nicole – to marry her. Brady scoffs at that. He asks about the Lucha Libre mask. Xander pulls it out and puts it on. He says it was used in roleplaying. “I called myself El Erotico,” he says. Brady finds that too much information. He goes and Sonny appears and asks why Xander still has that mask. Xander offers it to Sonny for sex with Will but Sonny will just give it back to Susan. Xander takes off for a jog while Brady returns. He and Sonny discuss issues at DiMera and how Nicole talked about marrying a DiMera in order to take control.

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Jenn arrives at the hospital to return Dr. Shah’s phone he lost. She explains to Kayla how horribly the date went with Shah and the reason behind it – that Jack took the serum and she realized that she’s not ready to move on. As they talk, Jenn worries Jack will remember her and not want her back.

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At Salem Inn, Eve and Jack spar. Jack panics. He says he loves her and asks her not to destroy the serum. He promises she won’t lose him so she decides not to smash the serum. Through tears, they kiss. She smashes the serum anyway as Jack screams, “You bitch! How could you do this to me?” He demands a divorce and walks out on her.

At the DiMera house, Abe, Gabi, and Stefan discuss Gabi’s abe gabi stefan talk wedding days of our livesproposal of marriage to Stefan in order for her to gain control of DiMera for the interim. Stefan worries about the board cronies but Abe argues that Mr. Shin likes Gabi and trusts her. Abe will perform the ceremony if they’d like. Stefan requests a prenup but Gabi balks. After some complaining, she agrees to sign and Stefan agrees to her proposal.

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Xander jogs up to Eve. She fills him in on how horribly eve and xander running days of our livesthings went with Jack when he caught her burning Jack’s diary. She says he wants a divorce. “That’s a bummer,” Xander says. He didn’t know she really loved him. He thought this was about making Jennifer pay. He hears she destroyed the formula but insists there’s a loose end.

Jack runs into Jenn at the hospital. She tells him about her date ending terribly and heard he took the serum. Jack sighs. He tells her Eve injected him with a placebo and destroyed the original serum. Jenn gasps at the cruelty. Jack can’t forgive her though he knows she did it because she was afraid to lose him. He’s divorcing her. Jack asks if Kayla has notes left from the original serum but she doesn’t. The private lab that manufactured the serum might help. Jack calls it but learns something awful and tells the women that it’s over. He’ll never get his memory back.

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Jack and Jenn arrive at SPD as Eve finishes shredding the serum notes. They exclaim at Eve for withholding medical treatment from Jack. Jack knows she shut down that lab. Eve shrugs it off. He fires her.

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