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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander says he can’t let Kate and Ted die by starvation. He packs groceries for them. Hope follows Xander as he goes to the tunnels.

In the tunnel, Kristen reveals herself to Ted and Kate and draws kristen wants to kill kate ted days of our livesa gun on them. Kate’s shocked that Kristen’s really alive. Xander told them his partner in crime was Nicole. They assume that Holly’s still alive and Kristen’s been threatening Nicole this whole time. Kristen laughs but plays along. They ask what her endgame is. She wants everything that’s coming to her and doesn’t care who she hurts to get it. Kate says they’ll keep silent but Kristen can’t trust them and Brady’s been snooping around. She’s disgusted that Xander can’t kill them but she’ll have no problem with it.

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Will is more than ready to leave the hospital Haley makeshaley jj hospital days of our lives Sonny ensure Will stays in his wheelchair until he’s out. JJ appears from finishing his shift and shares that he was evicted from his apartment. JJ calls the owner and learns that Haley’s the reason. JJ yells that he can’t evict someone because of his personal feelings. He threatens to call a lawyer. Haley feels terrible and offers to move out. JJ’s not living in a building that’s “owned by a racist pig.” They head out to discuss it further.

At Doug’s Place, Gabi throws everything off Chloe and Julie’s desk and get on top. They kiss and undress and go at it until Julie douses them with a vase full of water. “You two need some cooling off,” she spews and leaves them to call Eli and bitch about “two intruders” breaking into her office. Gabi appears and grabs her phone. She lets Eli know that his Abuela is loco (Grandma is crazy), then explains to Julie that they’re holding an event there tonight for Gabi Chic and Basic Black. Julie says, “Over my dead body.” She ushers them out and Gabi says she doesn’t want to be known as his plaything. She knows it sounds crazy but wonders if there’s more between them. She wants to take the next step. Stefan reluctantly admits he has developed feelings for her and wants to date. They kiss.

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Sonny and Will get lunch at Mandalay. Will thanks Sonny for doting over him and giving him pep talks when he was in the hospital. Sexy guitar music plays as Will says he gave him courage. Tripp’s glad to see Will out of the hospital. The guys are sorry to have heard about what happened with Claire. Tripp takes partial blame, knowing him marrying Haley pushed her over the edge. Will and Sonny remind Tripp that Claire’s mentally unstable and set the first fire before she even met him. Tripp asks if they want to move into the loft now that his rent has gone up since Claire’s gone. They don’t think there’s room with Ari. Haley and JJ arrive and Tripp serves them. JJ asks for a burger and jokes, “And a 1 bedroom apartment.” They tell Tripp the story and he offers to move them into the loft. They’re in.

In the park, Xander tells himself he’s going soft. He’s a hope picks at fake fruit days of our livesbastard but he isn’t that cruel to let those two starve. Hope loses him and calls Eli to let him know, then finds a pull chain on a statue in the DiMera garden. She tugs it and is let into the tunnel.

In the tunnel, Kristen steps outside as Xander approaches the door. She forces Xander out to discuss why he’s got a big bag of food. Once they’re gone, Hope breaks into the room and finds Kate and Ted. Hope embraces Ted. Later, they’re in Stefan’s living room. Hope relays how she found him because of the necklace. Ted lets her know that he planned it that way and they lie about who Xander’s partner is – Stefan DiMera!

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Back at Salem Inn, Kristen is pissed Xander lied to him. “I was famished,” he lies. Kristen knows better. Kristen doesn’t buy that this food was for him, “The patron saint of 3% body fat.” She confesses she let Ted and Kate live – for now. She may have use for them.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Will jokingly fight over who will carry whom over the threshold. Inside, Will agrees to let Sonny wait on him and playfully orders him around. They laugh and banter then discuss what comes next for their careers. Sonny needs a job. For now, they head to make love in “1000 count sheets.”

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