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At the DiMera mansion, Gabi suggests Stefan fire Nicole. He refuses and they kiss. Gabi flashes to discussing her plan to screw over Stefan with Kate. Stefan leaves the room while Gabi thinks to herself that soon, DiMera Enterprises will be hers. Down in the secret room, Ted pounds on the door, hoping Xander will bring water. Kate complains about Ted’s stinky armpits so he pops open a bottle of champagne and begins washing with it. Kate rolls her eyes. He flirts and tells her he knows she wants his body again. It’s a shame since he’s in love with Hope. He encourages her to take off her clothes since she’s the rank one now. Kate tabs some behind her ears and comments that the alcohol is from 1998. “It was a bad year.” Kate bets that she’s still in his head. Ted denies it and gives her a lingering kiss.

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Eric prays in the hospital chapel until Hope interrupts. hope lights candle days of our livesEric thinks what’s happened with Claire would have broken Grandma Caroline’s heart. Hope prays and lights a candle then opens up about Rafe moving on. Eric thought she was with Ted. They hug and Hope tells him about Ted’s last suspicious text and about the diamond necklace Ted gave her that Sarah was wearing yesterday. Eric’s concerned and urges her to talk to Xander.

At Eric’s apartment, Rex refuses to write a thank you note to Xander for the diamond necklace. Sarah reassures Rex that he has nothing to feel insecure about. She leaves and Rex wishes he could choke Xander with the necklace.

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From the Kiriakis mansion, Kristen calls Xander to babble about Ted and Kate’s deaths. Annoyed, Xander disconnects and thrusts some food and water into a bag for his prisoners. Brady stops him to tell him Kate’s missing.

Back at Salem Inn, Kristen with the Nicole mask on opens the chloe and fake nicole days of our livesdoor to Chloe. Chloe offers cookies. She’d like to talk. “Nicole” barks that cookies won’t make up “for the fact that you killed my daughter.” Chloe begs but gets nowhere. “Nicole” takes the cookies and goes.

“Nicole” walks into the DiMera mansion and overhears Gabi say that soon, she’ll get what she wants. Nicole asks what that means. Gabs wants Gabi Chic to be the crown jewel of DiMera. She chastises Nicole for skipping her first day of work. The women debate on whether Titan is better than Gabi Chic, which “Nicole” thinks is cheap and trashy. Stefan interrupts before they fight and Nicole offers the cookies as an apology. Stefan has them put together a relaunch together. Gabi has ideas for a fashion show and Fauxcole pooh-poohs each idea. She doesn’t want a joint event. They spar verbally and Kristen barks, “Damnit. This is not what Father would have wanted.” Stefan looks pointedly at her in confusion. She quickly covers and says that’s what everyone thought of him as. She insists that she’s a better businesswoman than Gabi but Stefan gives Gabs credit for her fresh ideas. Nicole wants to use the 1998 champagne in the wine cellar. Stefan tells her to go get it. She hates being ordered around but goes. She opens the wine cellar and gasps when she sees Kate and Ted making out.

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From the square, Rex texts Brady that his mom is on a business trip. Shouldn’t he know about that? Chloe stops by to catch him up on her meeting with Nicole. Rex shares the story about the diamond necklace from Xander. Chloe finds that bold. Rex was on his way to give it back to him. “Choke him with it.” Chloe laughs. Instead, Rex gives it to Chloe.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady receives Rex’s text. xander and brady home days of our livesHe tells Xander that he didn’t authorize a business trip so something is fishy. Xander stops him from calling the police. Kate’s at a tech conference in Kuala Lumpur, he lies. Brady says he overstepped. He must run everything by him before he makes decisions. Xander apologizes and Brady leaves. Hope arrives and questions Xander about the necklace he gave Sarah. He lies that he bought it but Hope knows it’s Ted’s. She checked with the jeweler and it’s a one-of-a-kind piece. Xander looks worried but lies that he bought it from Ted.

Back at the chapel, Sarah and Eric talk. She asks about Nicole. He tells her sarah hug eric days of our livesNicole isn’t the same woman anymore. Sarah hugs him as he cries.

Brady walks to the square and spots Rex putting the diamond necklace on Chloe. Curious, he asks what’s going on. They explain and then Rex receives another text from Kate. He says it doesn’t sound like her. It makes him wonder if she even wrote it. Brady and Rex find it suspect and think it has to do with Xander.

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Hope talks to Xander about Ted’s disappearance.

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