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At their apartment, Sarah finds Rex cooking bacon shirtless. He pulls her into a kiss, then worries Eric will walk in. She thinks he’ll give them until noon. Sarah spots a wedding gift that Rex says is from Kayla. It’s a framed photo of Sarah, Rex…and Eric. Sarah wants to do something patriotic for the holiday. Rex wants to revive the family tradition of the Fourth of July barbecue – it can also be their wedding reception. Sarah agrees, then glances at the photo of them with Eric.

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Rafe awakens to his alarm and realizes he’s in bed with Carrie. They recall their kiss in the Brady Pub and how she invited him to her room upstairs. They entered the room kissing and fell onto the bed together. Carrie says there’s nothing to be guilty about. Rafe agrees. When he mentions he’s off for the holiday, Carrie alludes to fireworks and they start making out. Just then, Eric enters with breakfast on a tray. Carrie glares and Eric hollers at Rafe about working his way through the women in his family. Carrie explains she and Austin have separated and points out she and Rafe are adults. Eric apologizes and exits. Downstairs in the pub, Eric’s surprised to see Rex and Sarah carrying groceries. Rex talks up the Brady-Horton barbecue, then runs out to grab his phone, leaving Eric and Sarah to interact awkwardly.

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At the Salem Police Department, Hope informs Eve she needs to drop the charges against Ben…Claire set the fires. Eve scoffs, “You bought that?” Hope explains Claire made a full confession and describes the events of the night before. Eve asks, “Where’s Claire now?” Hope says she’s sedated in the hospital. Ben blames Eve – he tried to talk to her about Claire. Eve hollers at him. Hope insists she drop the charges against Ben, but Eve refuses. After, Ben thanks Hope for trying. Hope apologizes for blaming him. He knows she was just trying to protect Ciara.

In Claire’s hospital room, Shawn hugs Ciara and tells her Belle doesn’t know yet. Ciara’s concerned about Claire’s restraints. Shawn explains Marlena’s worried because Claire wanted to die in the cabin. Ciara’s so sorry. Talk turns to Ben. Ciara marvels that her mother’s gone to bat for him. Shawn acknowledges he saved her life. Ciara hopes her mom can convince Eve. Shawn recalls Claire’s phone had a message from Eve. Ciara takes Claire’s phone and exits. In Marlena’s office, she and John are discussing Claire when Belle arrives and chirps, “Surprise!” They learn she hasn’t spoken to Shawn, and Marlena asks her to sit down. Belle doesn’t believe their claim that Claire set the fires. Marlena explains she was there when Claire tried to do it again. Belle learns Claire’s sedated because she was suicidal. By the hub, Ciara listens to Eve’s voicemail to Claire warning Ciara and Ben may be setting her up and fumes, “Oh my God, she knew.” Ben appears and she fills him in. John joins them and she plays Eve’s message again. Marlena appears – she’ll go to headquarters too. In Claire’s room, Shawn is apologizing to the sleeping Claire for not protecting her as Belle enters and says, “We’re here now.” Claire awakens. They promise she won’t be alone anymore. By the hub, Ciara rants to Ben that Eve is evil. Ben argues she’s just messed up, so is Claire. He muses about the look on John’s face when he left – he wouldn’t want to be in Eve’s shoes right now.

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In her office, Eve calls the hospital trying to find out if Claire is lucid. She disconnects and worries she should have seen the signs that night. She flashes to consoling Claire and murmurs, “I failed you, Claire.” John and Marlena burst in. John says, “Damn right you did.” Marlena reveals they heard her message on Claire’s phone – she knew but didn’t help, she only wanted revenge on Ben. She hisses Claire tried to kill herself. John warns Eve she’ll be behind bars, not Claire.

Hope talks to Eric, Sarah and Rex in the pub on Days of our LivesHope arrives at the Brady Pub, where Rex has just rejoined Eric and Sarah, and fills her in on the barbecue. Hope maintains a stony silence. Rex asks if she’s alright. She’s not. After Hope tells them about Claire and Ciara, Eric tells Hope he’s sorry and Rex and Sarah chime in. Rafe appears and asks what’s happening. Hope wonders why he’s coming from upstairs.

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