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Carrie closes Brady’s Pub then realizes Rafe’s at the bar. He says it’s good to see her – he didn’t come to Caroline’s wake out of respect for Hope. They remark on how difficult marriage is, then Rafe asks for legal advice about becoming Baby David’s legal guardian. Carrie and Rafe kiss in pub on Days of our LivesCarrie will help get the ball rolling. Rafe mentions Austin and learns they’ve separated. Carrie admits she has no idea why her marriage fell apart. One day she realized they hadn’t made love for months and weren’t themselves anymore. Rafe always wondered what could have been between them and offers an ear. Carrie’s appreciative; she’s felt pretty alone. She relays she sought counseling but was the only one that went. Rafe holds her as she tears up, then they share a kiss.

In JJ’s bed after making love, Haley asks, “Is this even real?” JJ assures her this is just the beginning; despite everything his dad did to ruin her future, they’re getting a chance.JJ plays guitar for Haley on Days of our Lives They kiss. JJ wonders how his dad will react when he knows his big plan to deport her went bust. Haley’s thrilled to hear the charges against him were dropped but JJ muses he still doesn’t trust his father. Haley recalls falling for JJ when he played guitar for her. He started to fall for her then too. They kiss. Later, JJ plays guitar and Haley sings.

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At the Salem Inn, Eve leaves Claire an impatient voicemail. Jack arrives in a chipper mood. Eve confronts him about dropping the charges against JJ. Jack tells her they won the election, the Chen girl’s gone and JJ’s still his son.Jack and Eve smile on Days of our Lives Jack showers, then emerges to discover Eve’s found the diary. He explains Will handed it over in exchange for dropping JJ’s charges. He insists it’s not about Jennifer, he wants to reconnect with his kids. Eve asks, “Then why lie to me?” She worries about the serum – does he want to risk his life to recover his memory? Jack hasn’t made a decision yet and apologizes for going behind her back. They start kissing. After making love, Eve looks at her last text to Claire and seems to wonder why she hasn’t replied.

At the hospital, Tripp frets to Kayla about what Claire might do to Ciara. Kayla hopes Hope has found them.

Shawn arrives at the loft and calls out for Claire or Tripp, then finds Claire’s phone. He calls Kayla, who advises him to come to the hospital.

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In the cabin, Claire pours gas around as Ciara protests, then flicks the lighter. Outside, Ben, Hope and Marlena holler and try to get in. Ciara calls to Ben, who crashes through the door. Claire holds out the lighter flame, stopping the trio in their tracks. Ben tries to talk her into putting it down, with Hope joining in. Claire complains it all spun out of control. Ben works to release Ciara as Hope pleads with Claire to let Ciara live. Claire closes the lighter and Marlena comes forward to hold her. Hope rushes to Ciara, then kisses Claire before leaving with Ciara and Ben. Outside, Ciara is fine but was terrified. Hope credits Ben for finding her. Ciara embraces him, then asks what will happen to Claire. Hope says Marlena will take care of her. Claire touches Marlena's hand on Days of our LivesInside, Marlena assures Claire she did the right thing. Claire picks up the lighter and flicks it open. She can’t go back and tells Marlena it’s better if she dies. Marlena says her life isn’t over, but Claire thinks she’s a monster; she’s certifiable and worse than Ben. Marlena promises Claire can turn her life around as Ben did…she’ll just have to trust her. Claire allows Marlena to hold her, then lead her out of the cabin, where she sobs again.

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Shawn joins Kayla and Tripp in the hospital room, where he’s stunned to hear Claire put Tripp there. He doesn’t believe it. Kayla interjects; there’s more. Tripp says Ben didn’t set the fires – it was Claire. Tripp Kayla and Shawn in hospital on Days of our LivesHe explains she took off and has Ciara. Shawn learns what happened when they set Ciara up to coerce a confession and is furious at Tripp for provoking her. He storms out to find Claire. At the hub, Hope rushes up to Shawn and hugs him. He sees Ciara and says he’s so sorry. Hope tells him Claire’s with Marlena and updates Shawn that both girls are okay because of Ben. Shawn worries about Claire and having to tell Belle about this. Hope hugs him, while Ben and Ciara do the same.

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