Marlena comforts Tripp Days of our Lives
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At the hospital, Rex complains to Kayla that Xander Cook has it bad for Sarah and even gave her a wedding gift right in front of him. He talks about throwing a wedding reception and letting his mom plan it before sending a text.

At Doug’s Place, Hope learns Xander gave Sarah the necklace, muses it looks exactly like the one Ted tried to give her, and wonders how Xander got it. She thinks it’s strange on the heels of Ted’s disappearance and odd text message and decides she’ll pay Xander a visit. Later, Rex joins Sarah and complains about the gaudy necklace. They argue heatedly as Sarah reminds him Xander gave them the diary and Rex counters that Xander’s dangerous.

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Xander arrives at Kristen’s room at the Salem Inn, where she explains ‘Nicole’ ran into Hope, who wouldn’t stop asking questions about Ted, so she sent her a message from his phone. She wants Xander to do the same thing with Kate’s phone. Xander pulls out Kate’s phone and remarks that ‘Rexy’ wants his mom to plan a wedding reception. Kristen laughs that it won’t be happening.

Ted tells Kate plan on Days of our LivesIn the secret room, Ted tells Kate that Hope will recognize the necklace Xander gives to Sarah. He hopes she’ll ask questions. Kate’s unimpressed with the plan but recalls Xander having a wrapped gift for Sarah. Ted’s encouraged. They bicker about Ted torturing her grandson. He reminds Kate he apologized and offers her food. She worries about poison. Ted starts choking, but he’s only playing. Kate’s still concerned Xander will try to eliminate them. Ted’s optimistic Hope will find them. Kate can’t believe her life relies on Hope and a necklace.

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Ben, Marlena, Tripp at loft Days of our LivesBen and Marlena arrive at the loft and find Tripp unconscious on the floor with a head wound. He comes to and says they have to stop Claire, who held a knife on him – he fell and hit his head when pulling away. Tripp warns Claire is crazy enough to kill. Marlena phones Hope to tell her Ciara’s missing. When Hope arrives, Ben and Marlena fill her in on Claire’s guilt. Ben thinks criminals always return to the scene of the crime. Hope makes a call to Eli and confirms Claire was tracked on route to the cabin.

Ciara awakens tied to a bed in the cabin. Claire enters holding a knife – she thought it would be fitting to take Ciara back to the place it all began to end this. Ciara warns they need to go back – Tripp is hurt. Claire thinks it’s too late; the truth is going to come out that she set the cabin on fire and tried to kill Ciara. She accuses Ciara of conspiring with Tripp to get her to confess. Ciara admits it’s true – they’ve known she set the fire for a while now – she didn’t want to believe it was true. Claire didn’t mean to do it. She rants about Ciara’s superior attitude – she saw Ben’s lighter and knew she could get Ciara out of her life forever. Ciara’s angry Claire let people believe Ben did it and tried to kill Tripp and Haley. Claire doesn’t know how to explain it – it wasn’t her. Ciara barks that Claire needs help, but Claire won’t let her go. Claire brandishes the lighter. Her life is over, and she’s taking Ciara down with her.

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At Doug’s Place, Rex and Sarah have cooled off and he receives a text from his mom. He says something’s not right – she’s going out of town on Titan business and didn’t end her text with the usual X’s and O’s. Sarah mocks him and suggests he send a nice text back.

At the hospital, Kayla stops Tripp, who wants to go help Ciara and feels responsible. Kayla thinks Claire is psychotic and assures him she’ll get help just as Tripp did. Tripp feels lucky to have Kayla, the only mom he’s ever known. She’s the lucky one. Tripp learns Kayla couldn’t reach Hope and hopes she’s not too late to help Ciara.

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In Kristen’s room, she muses texts won’t hold Kate and Ted’s loved ones off for long. Xander returns her gun and suggests they refrain from killing people in the future. Kristen can’t promise that and worries his crush on Sarah is making him soft. She vows there’s no way this can come back on them.

At the apartment, Rex tells Sarah they’ve the place to themselves. He removes the necklace and they make out.

At the cabin, Claire pours gas all over the place as Ciara pleads. Claire needs the pain to go away; she needs Ciara to go away. Claire flicks the lighter.

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