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Marlena finds Ben outside the pub. He tells her he’s out on bail thanks to Justin but he’s worried about Ciara. They head inside to talk. Ben tells her about Tripp and Ciara’s scheme to prove his innocence because they know who the arsonist was. Ben doesn’t want to tell her who that is because it’ll hurt her but when she presses, he divulges it’s Claire. Marlena’s dumbfounded. Ben tells her about Claire setting the first fire as well and how that tune he heard while under hypnosis was her ring tone. Marlena had no idea Claire was capable of this. They discuss the plan going down at the loft which Marlena calls “a bad plan.” Claire’s so fragile, who knows what she’ll do? They rush to the loft to stop things.

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At the loft, Claire walks in on Tripp and Ciara half naked. Ciara thought he was sleeping. Claire demands to know what is going on. Tripp stammers that the break up with Ben brought them closer together. Claire yells at Tripp to stop and thinks Ciara wanted her to find them together. All she’s ever done is hurt her. Ciara retorts that she stole Theo, the Face of Bella and Tripp. Claire sees the lighter and on edge, she snatches it and continues her tirade until Eve texts to give her a heads up that Ben might be working with Tripp and Ciara to trap her. Claire considers her words carefully and calms down. She decides to give up on Tripp and says she’ll just pack and leave, but grabs a knife and pins Tripp while pressing the knife to his throat. He bleeds a little. Ciara tries to distract her and remind her that she loves Tripp.

Haley arrives on JJ’s doorstep. He’s full of questions but jj and haley days of our livesshe explains they’re back to stay. Melinda knows some senator and was able to convince him to intervene. Haley says she’s still not legal and it could take years, but while she fights for her green card she can be there with him. They embrace and canoodle happily. JJ tells her he loves her and that he knows she professed her love before she was deported. They kiss and make love.

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In the secret room in the tunnels, Ted tries to wake Kate up with champagne. She coughs and sputters. “Are you trying to kill me?” she asks. He’s sorry. Kate is shocked. She thought he was dead. Ted tells Kate how he came to be locked up. Kate wonders how it’s possible that Holly’s alive and why Xander didn’t kill him. It makes no sense. She admits that the voice she heard talking to Xander at the Inn sounded like Kristen DiMera. Ted reminds her that Kristen’s dead.

From the Kiriakis mansion, Xander takes Kristen’s call. She just wants to gloat that Ted and Kate got what they deserved. Sarah walks in and hears him say he killed “them both.” She questions who he killed. He lies that he was talking about fake news stories from The Spectator. This satisfies Sarah. Since she’s all alone, Xander asks if she’s dumped that “lying cheating husband” of hers. Sarah relays that he’s in surgery, so Xander runs off and returns with a romantic dinner and champagne. He asks who the patient is. “Not your…sister I hope?” Sarah shakes her head and calls him relentless. He apologizes and they drink to love. She opens the gift he got her and gasps at the diamond necklace. She tries to give it back but he puts it on her. Rex texts that he’s out of surgery so she’s off to Doug’s Place. She apologizes and goes.

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Hope runs into “Nicole” in the square, surprised that she’s hope and fake nicole days of our livesout and about since she heard she was sick. Nicole is annoyed at Hope’s concern. Hope’s sorry but she asks again about Ted. “Nicole” doesn’t know the guy. She slips into Salem Inn and calls Xander, but he doesn’t respond, so she talks about taking care of “that bitch with a bone.” She texts her from Ted’s phone that though their relationship means the world to him, he realized he’s not good enough for her and he’s leaving Salem for good.

Hope sees Kristen’s fake text from Ted and is confounded. She bumps into Sarah at Doug’s Place and notices the diamond necklace which is the one Ted tried to give to her.

Xander arrives at the secret room and Kate asks if Kristen was the one who hit her. Xander lies that she’s dead. He leaves them food and goes, thanking him for the necklace. When Kate questions him, he explains the necklace.

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