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Gabi takes Arianna to visit her father in the hospital, glad to hear he’s “all better.” Will talks about the Fourth of July camping plans and fireworks and then the gals leave.

At the Salem Police Department, Jack turns down dinner with Eve because he’s got work to do. She’s disappointed.

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In the square, JJ wonders why “that psycho” Ben Weston was set free when he committed arson. Tripp doesn’t tell JJ his thoughts that Ben’s innocent. JJ admits it’s been hard to talk to Haley since video chatting didn’t work.

Ben visits Ciara at the loft. They kiss and talk about how much they’ve missed each other. Ben suggests they go to the cops about Claire but Ciara and Tripp already have their plan set for tonight. Ben worries. They smooch.

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Claire picks at her food at the pub and Shawn comments on it. Claire shawn and claire pub days of our livesbarks that she’s an adult and doesn’t need him on her case. She apologizes for losing it and Shawn asks what’s going on. She opens up about Tripp dumping her. She can’t blame him after what she did. She flashes to setting the fire but only admits to recording Tripp admitting his marriage was fake. Shawn’s shocked. Claire’s sorry for what she did because it ruined her life. Tripp doesn’t love her and she doubts anyone else will. Shawn reminds her she has her life ahead of her. He and her mother are proud of her. Claire barks that nobody should be after what she’s done. They hug and Claire takes off. JJ arrives and sits with Shawn. He learns that the word Haley used in Chinese when she said goodbye meant “I love you.” Shawn goes outside and runs into Eve. He taunts that criminals everywhere must be celebrating that one of their own is in office. Eve asks after Claire. Shawn states that she’s upset about the breakup with Tripp. Eve calls Claire fragile and thinks it’d help if he stuck around to give her guidance. Shawn asks if there’s something she’s not telling him. She denies it.

Gabi arrives at the DiMera mansion and updates Stefan gabi and stefan home days of our livesthat Will is making a full recovery. Stefan’s happy to hear. Gabi thanks him for getting her through this. Stefan invites her in for dinner. After they dine, Gabi’s impressed that Stefan cooked the meal. Stefan brings up missing Chloe and Holly. He invites Gabi to bring Ari by to swim. Talk turns to work and Gabi thinks her budget is better than anything Nicole could come up with. Stefan laughs. There is no competition. He admits he fired Nic but that Abe implored him to give her another chance. He assumes she’s still mourning her child and has good and bad days. Gabi’s surprised at his compassion. He invites her to stay over since Ari’s at a sleepover. Gabi kisses him.

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Jack arrives at the hospital with champagne for Sonny and Will, thrilled to hear Will is recovering. Sonny scowls and asks why his Uncle Jack is there. Jack wants Rolf’s diary. Will says he’ll do it if all charges against JJ are dropped. Jack vows to see what he can do. He runs away ben and ciara fake fight with claire days of our livesand Sonny grins. They doubt Eve knows Jack wants his memory back. They kiss.

Claire walks in on Ben and Ciara kissing. Everyone’s jaws drop open and Ciara thinks fast and shoves Ben and asks what he’s doing there. Claire yells at Ben and they kick him out. Ciara pretends she’s frightened and thanks Claire, hugging her tight. Talk turns to Tripp. Claire wishes he’d give her another chance. Ciara thinks she needs to let him go. Claire agrees to stop obsessing and goes off to bed. Tripp arrives and Ciara fills him in on what’s been going on. They take off some clothes and light candles and Ciara hits record on her phone while Tripp sets off the fire alarm. They snuggle under a cover until Claire comes out and lays into them.

Ben comes across Eve and Shawn outside the pub. Shawn tells him not to go into the pub and to stay away from his sister. Ben asserts that Ciara can take care of herself. Shawn goes and Eve starts promising Ben she’ll put him behind bars.

Jack arrives at JJ’s. He’s dropped the charges against his son. JJ asks what’s in it for him. Jack says he’s still JJ’s father. “Not in any way that matters,” JJ says unsmiling. Jack doesn’t want them to be enemies. JJ won’t thank his father who ruined Haley’s life. “It was nothing personal,” Jack declares. JJ slams the door in his face. Later, Haley arrives.

Jack returns to the hospital to tell them charges against JJ were dropped. They hand over the diary and Jack asks them to keep their conversation quiet.

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