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In the square, Jennifer tells Jack to stop wasting tax dollars by having another rally. Jenn tells him they found Rolf’s diary. Jack can get his memory back! She conveys the story about Will and the antidote. Jack claims he’s not interested in getting his memory back. There could be more side effects that Will hasn’t experienced yet. He’s sorry. He likes his life.

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At SPD, Justin demands Eve’s time to discuss his client, Ben Weston. justin eve spd office days of our livesEve’s shocked he’s Ben’s lawyer. Justin knows it’s a shock but Eve violated Ben’s civil rights. Eve calls it a DA issue. Justin points out there’s no DA. Eve offers the job to Justin who informs her that the mayor is the one who appoints the DA. Jack arrives and Eve takes him aside. They worry about Ben getting off since Justin’s such a great lawyer. She suggests they make him DA. Jack offers but Justin retorts, “Thanks Jack, but I would rather gargle glass than work for you.” Later, once alone, Jack tells Eve about Rolf’s diary. She flashes to already knowing but acts surprised. He assures his wife he’s happy but when she leaves the room, Jack looks contemplative as he flashes to Jenn wanting to show him family photos.

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At the hospital chapel, Eric has trouble getting the wedding started. Kayla comes by as a witness and hands a bouquet of flowers to Sarah. eric marries rex sarah days of our livesKayla says there’s romance in the air. Eric and Sarah can’t stop ogling each other as he begins proceedings. The couple says their vows and exchange rings as they smile at one another. Eric pronounces them ‘man and wife’ and they kiss. Later, Jennifer finds Kayla by the hub. She’s sorry about Caroline’s death. Kayla loved the article she wrote for Caroline. Jenn tells her about her conversation with Jack about the serum and antidote but Jack doesn’t want to take it. Kayla tells her they don’t have FDA approval to use it anyway. She doesn’t have faith that Jack and Eve will last but thinks Jack’s scared. “He’ll come back to you.” Jenn hopes she’s right. She goes and Jack turns up to ask Kayla questions about the serum.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander admires the necklace Ted gave him. He worries Kristen will kill him when she learns Ted’s alive. He can never tell her the truth. Maggie walks in and questions him. Xander politely calls her a busybody but admits he’s having an internal debate. He shows Maggie the necklace for her daughter. Maggie notes that Sarah’s engaged. xander at home days of our livesXander wants to win her heart. Maggie knows Xander can be a good man. Xander interjects, thinking there’s a but in there. Sarah arrives with the news that she and Rex got married. Both Maggie and Xander’s mouths drop. “You did what?” they ask, incredulously. Rex appears. Xander gives Sarah the necklace – as a wedding gift.

Kristen, with the Nicole mask on, walks into her Salem Inn room. Kate’s holding her red dress and mentions Maggie seeing Kristen in this very same dress. Kate thought Maggie was just drunk but now there’s proof of the dress. “Nicole” snorts. Kate shows her the burned documents she found in the trash and says she’ll find out why none of this adds up. “Knock yourself out, Nancy Drew,” “Nicole” snaps and kicks Kate out. “Nicole’s” behavior stuns Kate and when she leaves, she appears puzzled. Inside, Kristen takes off the Nicole mask and calls Kate a “clueless old hag” who won’t guess her secret in a million years. Kristen puts on the red dress and notes that Ted’s phone is dead. “He’d better be too,” she proclaims.

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At the pub, Eric lets Roman know about Rex and Sarah’s impromptu wedding. eric and roman days of our livesRoman’s happy for Rex but knows it was tough on Eric. Roman thinks he’ll be reunited with Nicole – soon.

Back at the mansion, Kate appears and is told about the wedding. She’s surprised. Maggie says nobody was invited. Kate’s happy for them though she wishes they’d have invited her. She’ll hold a party for them. They embrace. Kristen texts Xander asking if Ted’s dead and he takes off with Kate on his heels.

Eve finds Jenn in the park and yells at Jennifer to stop pushing that drug on Jack. He doesn’t want his memory back.

Xander goes to the Salem Inn and from outside, Kate overhears him tell Kristen, “It’s done. I killed Ted Laurent.”

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