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Kate appears at the Kiriakis mansion to give Victor her condolences. Victor insists he’s fine. Kate knows he hoped one day to be with the great love of his life. Victor thanks her. She tells him about Stefan hiring Nicole at DiMera and Gabi overhearing Nicole talking about getting everything she wants. Vic doesn’t like the sound of that. They discuss Maggie seeing Kristen DiMera at Nicole’s room and Vic says, “Some people see pink elephants. Maggie sees the devil in a red dress.” Kate gets Victor a drink, even though Maggie asked him to abstain. He drinks and Kate will keep his secret. Kate offers to break into Nicole’s room.

In the room in the DiMera tunnel, Ted’s shocked when Xander pulls a gun. He’s sorry but Ted knows too much. Ted realizes Xander’s in cahoots with Nicole but why would Nicole want everyone to think her daughter is dead? Ted offers the diamond necklace he bought for Hope in exchange for his life but Xander says he can take it anyway. Ted says he could be valuable since he was offered a job as DA. Xander likes that idea but needs to take care of this. Still, he can’t bring himself to kill Ted. It works against his goal which is to impress Sarah Horton. Sarah’s the only woman who has made him want to change his ways. Ted understands – he feels that way of Hope. He wants her to see he’s worthy of her love. Xander insists he’s not going soft but agrees to let him live – for at least another day. Ted tells him to give the necklace to Sarah. Once Xander leaves, Ted hopes Hope sees the necklace.

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Sami bumps into “Nicole” at the square. She apologizes for Holly’s death but refuses to let Nicole blame her brother for it. Kristen sticks to blaming Eric who swore to kristen mask slips days of our livesprotect her kid. Sami’s sorry. She knows what it’s like to lose a child. “Nicole” starts blustering that she doesn’t care. Sami’s startled and glad that her brother’s done with Nicole’s soul-sucking drama and moved on. Nicole jumps around, hands flailing and laughs as she guesses it’s with Sarah Horton. When Sami snipes that Brady won’t touch her with a ten-foot pole, this gets a rise out of “Nicole” and she slaps Sami across the face. Sami grabs Nicole around the neck and feels the edge of her mask, which has started to peel. Sami gasps. “What is that?” “Nicole” clutches at her neck and Brady and Lucas rush over and separate them. Nicole says it’s a scar from the fire and Lucas tears Sami away as Brady asks why she’s working for DiMera instead of him. “Nicole” asks if this means there’s a chance for romance. Brady can’t do this. He thinks she’s just looking for something safe. She turns his job offer down, claiming she doesn’t want to hurt Eric. Brady tells her about Hope hearing Ted’s phone ring from Nicole’s room. Nicole laughs it off – it was probably her phone.

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Eric walks in as Rex asks Sarah to give him one good eric sad hospital days of our livesreason not to marry him now. Eric flashes to Sami impelling him to go after Sarah. Eric has something to tell them both, but when Rex interrupts to tell his brother that he and Sarah are getting married now, and he’d like Eric to officiate, Eric keeps silent. Rex talks about winning Sarah back, thanks to his brother. He goes on about wanting to make Sarah happy. Eric looks as if he’s lost his best friend as Rex calls his love for Nicole an inspiration. When Rex asks and Eric confirms that Nicole was the love of his life, Sarah decides to marry Rex. Today. Rex appears to be the only happy one. They separate to change and agree to meet at the chapel. Sami and Lucas arrive and Sami says Eric’s right. There’s something different about Nicole. Later, the trio arrives at the chapel.

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Brady comes upon Hope at Salem Inn. She tells him she can’t hope at salem inn days of our livesget in touch with Ted and how she heard a phone ringing in Nicole’s room. Brady ponders why Ted or his phone would be in Nicole’s room. Hope calls it again but the battery is low so it doesn’t ring. She and Brady shrug and take off.

Hope runs into Xander at the park. Xander hides the necklace and she asks what he’s up to. He covers.

Brady arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. He and Victor discuss Nicole working for DiMera. Victor calls her a threat.

Kate ransacks “Nicole’s” room at Salem Inn and finds Kristen’s red dress. Nicole walks in on her.

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