Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith, Deidre Hall"Days of our Lives" SetNBC StudiosBurbank11/26/18© XJJohnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 13616U.S.Airdate 06/17/19

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Will wakes at the hospital and Sonny tells him that Rolf’s journal was found and Sarah and Kayla are looking for a cure. Will’s surprised. He’s concerned about scaring Arianna today but Sonny assures that he looks fine. Roman and Marlena arrive at the hub. They discuss the diary with Maggie and Kate. Marlena brings Arianna into Will’s room. Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith, Deidre Hall, Harper Udell "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 11/26/18 © XJJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 13616 U.S.Airdate 06/17/19She hugs her dad and asks if he’s going to go away again. He doesn’t know yet but if he does, he wants Ari to remember how much he loves her. Marlena takes her for ice cream as Will fights tears. Sonny tries to get Will to think positively but Will says it’s getting difficult to talk and breathe. The doctors said this would happen near the end. He needs to marry him now. Meanwhile, Maggie finds Hope to let her know she’s heading home to tell Victor the good news. Outside Will’s room, Gabi worries about Arianna to Kate. Ari doesn’t understand that death is permanent. Kate says it’s not considering how many people come back from the dead in Salem. Gabi grips about Nicole Walker wanting to push her out of DiMera. Gabi says Nicole’s been acting weird, talking about getting everything she’s ever wanted. Since she gave up her friends and lost Holly, Gabi doesn’t understand who that could be. Kate thinks something is up with her as well since she saw Nicole with Xander. In another room, Roman talks to Hope about her divorce. He’s so sorry. They head to the pub to bring back some decent coffee.

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In Xander’s room, he notices Holly’s autopsy report is missing. He flashes to discussing it with Ted, “that sneaky son-of-a-bitch.”

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen in her Nicole mask hears Stefan in the other room and wonders what she’s going to do with an unconscious Ted. She tries to drag him by his tie but that doesn’t work. In the foyer, Stefan answers the door to Abe. They head into the living room and “Nicole” has moved Ted and his briefcase behind the sofa. Ted’s phone rings and Xander leaves a scathing message for him, while Stefan finds Holly’s autopsy report on the floor. Kristen grabs it and sees that Ted’s beginning to come around so she kicks the baffled men out of Stefan’s living room so she can have time alone. Stefan asks if Abe made a decision about the job offer. Abe originally was going to turn it down but decides to take it so he can look out for Nicole.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie finds Xander and asks why he lied to her. Paul Telfer, Suzanne Rogers"Days of our Lives" SetNBC StudiosBurbank11/26/18© XJJohnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 13616U.S.Airdate 06/17/19Xander says he stole it because Rolf always bemoaned how valuable it was. He thought he could use it for insurance for a rainy day. Maggie’s proud that he handed it over for free. Xander confesses he considered it. She goes as Kristen calls and tells him she’s got the autopsy report and demands he head to the DiMera mansion. He appears at the DiMera mansion moments later and they drag him into the tunnels.

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Back at the hospital, Kate, Roman, and Marlena watch as Gabi gives Arianna flowers and acts as Will and Sonny’s flower girl. Sexy guitar music plays as Sonny gives Will an anchor pin because Will is his anchor. Will gives him an ancient flip phone filled with WilSon’s greatest playlist. Kate dashes out for champagne and plastic cups and returns. Marlena says they’re there to celebrate the adoring love of Jackson and William. Marlena talks about their obstacles ensuring their love was more patient and resilient. “Despite all the bumps in the road, andChandler Massey, Freddie Smith, Deidre Hall, Harper Udell, Josh Taylor, Lauren Koslow"Days of our Lives" SetNBC StudiosBurbank11/26/18© XJJohnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 13616U.S.Airdate 06/17/19 there have been a few doozies your love has grown and thrived.” Will tells Sonny, “Sonny, I must have done something right to deserve this second chance with you and I can’t believe how lucky I am. Our lives are never long enough when you have love in them. No amount of time will be enough with you. I’m so proud and so blessed to be your husband, always.” Sonny says, “Will, I’m not a writer like you so I borrowed words from another author that I really like and it’s a quote from Ian Forrester. A happy ending is imperative. I shouldn’t have to write otherwise.” Marlena has the men join hands and recite their vows. Will can’t remember Sonny’s name momentarily and the rest of the vows, so the whole family helps him out, all the while, sobbing. They exchange rings and are married. They kiss.

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