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At home, Maggie cries as her hands shake and she drinks one glass of vodka after another while stumbling around holding her wedding photo.

After Chloe runs our of Doug’s Place to see how Parker’s doing, kate laughs at victor days of our livesVictor narrows his eyes at Kate. He knows that look. She’s up to something and it’s never good. Kate covers. She’s not a heartless soul. They talk about Maggie’s fragility. Victor tells her Maggie’s paranoid that Kate’s after him romantically. Kate laughs. She’s interested in growing his business.

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Stefan and Gabi go at it passionately on his bed at the mansion. They have sex and Gabi calls it better than a pilates workout and then asks what his attraction is to Chloe. Stefan says she has a big heart, she’s kind and strong. Gabi snorts. Chloe walks in and exclaims, “What the hell.” Stefan thought she was at the memorial. Chloe explains that she was told Parker needed her. She calls them pigs. Gabi leaves the room as Stefan gets excitable while trying to explain what happened to no avail. Chloe starts yelling. Stefan lets it slip that this time was the last time and Chloe’s even more disgusted. Stefan vows it’ll never happen again but Chloe’s done with him. She goes to get Parker so she can leave.

At Salem Inn, Nicole kisses Brady. He responds enthusiastically for a brady nicole salem inn days of our livestime and then backs off. It’s not right. Nic needs him. Brady agrees but not like this. Nicole yells, “Damnit, Brady why are you fighting me on this? Just forget about Holly.” Brady’s shocked. Nicole backpedals. She wants to escape the pain. She tries another seduction method and Brady fights his feelings and then goes. Nicole has a fit, smashing a vase and screaming.

At Eric’s, Eric can’t resist and shares a hot kiss with Sarah. Eric apologizes. He can’t do this. “I love Nicole. I can’t give up on her,” he explains.

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At the hospital, Rex demands to know why Xander has Holly’s file. Xander flashes to stealing a file and then lies that Victor thinks the child isn’t truly dead. He was trying to show him a copy of the autopsy report. Rex believes him and says he has to go to the cops if he wants the file. Xander thanks him and goes.

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Maggie’s passed out on the sofa when Brady arrives home. He finds the glass and can see what’s going on. She’s been drinking. Maggie cries. He tells her it’s alright and asks what’s wrong. Nicole is blaming her for Holly’s death. Brady knows that’s just her grief talking. Maggie talks about her fears that Kate wants Victor and he is returning her feelings. Brady doesn’t believe that but he’s there to help her and tomorrow they’ll go to a meeting. He helps her to his room. She can sleep it off there so that Victor doesn’t know. They run into Victor on the way out and Brady lies that she’s not feeling well. He takes her to his room and returns and asks Victor to fire Kate because it’s killing Maggie. Victor feels Kate’s critical to Titan. He’ll fire her if he fires Xander. Brady can’t do that. They’re at an impasse. Brady brings up Nicole’s kiss.

Rex arrives home to Sarah crying. She lies that it’s been a long day. He’s sorry he wasn’t there for her during the memorial and then tells them about his encounter with Xander.

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Xander goes to Salem Inn and hands over Holly’s hospital records and fills Nicole in on running into Rex. Xander was waiting for Rex to deck him and compliments the guy on his physique, though he thinks he’s “clearly a more impressive specimen.” Nicole rolls her eyes. She tells him all about the memorial and Eric’s big puppy dog eyes and how badly she wants Brady Black. He rejected her but Nicole thinks it’s only a matter of time before he gives in. Nicole starts ripping off a mask from her face as Xander talks about Nicole being played by Kristen DiMera. Kristen smiles once the mask and a wig comes off.

At the park, Gabi sums up Chloe walking in on her and Stefan after sex. Kate grosses out at the details but Gabi beams with joy. Kate warns that Stefan will try to get her back but Gabi assumes Chloe won’t forgive him. Kate wonders if Stefan will blame her. What if Gabi falls for Stefan? Gabi says that won’t happen. She’s going to get what she wants and kick Stefan to the curb. Gabi thought Kate would understand that. Kate does.

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