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At the square, Jennifer almost falls over from shock upon hearing Jack declare Eve Donovan as the new Salem police commissioner. Eve says a few words, feeling honored to accept the position. Jennifer raises her hand and asks, “Have you lost what’s left of your mind?” She can’t believe he thinks he can replace her cousin with Eve. “She’s more likely to commit a crime than stop one.” Jack doesn’t like being questioned so ends his speech. Jenn keeps after him. Eve isn’t qualified to run a police department and Jack’s not qualified to be a mayor. Jack gets between the women as they spar verbally. Jenn calls him Eve’s puppet and decides she will expose them for the con artists that they are. She stomps off and Eve starts blathering about not letting people like Ben Weston walk the streets. Jack says she’s got the power now. Eve knows Ben will get what he deserves.

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Hope and Eli break into a hotel room after yelling for Haley and JJ to open up. Instead, they find Tripp alone. He lies that he was there to try to convince his friends to turn themselves in but when he got there, nobody was there. Hope doesn’t believe him. Eli cuffs him as Hope gets a text from Jack stating she’s fired. Eli removes the cuffs and Hope gives him a stern warning because ICE doesn’t play games.

At Rafe’s house, Rafe’s upset that Lani lied to him twice. Helani rafe ciara rafe's kitchen days of our lives didn’t know David was sick or that Ciara came by yesterday. Lani did it because the baby’s not safe around Ben. Rafe admonishes Lani gently and Ciara wonders why Lani has any say. Ben’s just trying to be there for his sister the way she was for him. Rafe ponders what to do as Lani apologizes to Rafe for lying. Later, Rafe gets a text from Jack offering him the commissioner job. He doesn’t want it.

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At the loft, Claire is about to set fire to Tripp’s clothing when Ben arrives. He asks what she’s doing and she hides the lighter and stuffs Tripp’s clothes into a laundry claire and ben loft days of our livesbasket as she tells Ben that Tripp broke up with her. He asks if she was about to torch his clothes. Claire laughs at that and says she wants to toss his clothes in the hall. Ben doesn’t blame her. He calls what Tripp did unfair, which validates Claire. They discuss the cabin fire and Ben is crushed that he’s back to being a suspect again. He wants the lighter but she claims she tossed it. He smells some chemical and Claire’s gaze lands on Tripp’s gasoline-soaked clothes. She shrugs. Tripp returns and Claire has done his laundry. She again tries to get him back but it’s futile.

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JJ and Haley arrive at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island, disguised as obnoxious tourists. jj and haley hiding out days of our livesThey’ll stay until they figure out how to get to Canada. JJ throws a bunch of Canadian stereotypes around and thinks he can get a job as a Mountie. He tells her all about when his parents went on the run. JJ lets her know Rory’s getting them fake passports and as he turns on the water in the kitchen, he gets sprayed and removes his shirt. JJ and Haley kiss until Tripp calls to tell JJ that Jack fired Hope.

At SPD, Eve’s first order of business is to find Haley. Jack tells her that if his son is harboring a fugitive, he’ll have to suffer the consequences. Hope and Eli arrive. Jack assumes she got his text. “Better than being fired by tweet,” she says. Eve asks for her gun and badge and shocks Hope by telling her she’s the new commish. Hope hands the paraphernalia over and Eli apologizes. He calls Lani with the news. Later, Eve asks Eli about the tip that Haley was found in a local hotel. Eli says they weren’t there. Tripp was but he couldn’t bring him in. Eve snipes that his number one job is to find them. Five seconds later, she wants him working on the Ben Weston case.

At the pub, Jenn and Hope drink wine. Hope says, “The inmates really are running the asylum now.”

At the square, Ciara shows Ben photos of David and tells him Rafe agreed to talk with Jordan again. Ben’s thrilled to hear.

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