Marlena is attacked by Will on Days of our Lives
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At the Brady Pub, John and Marlena vent about their new mayor and first lady. Will attacks Marlena on Days of our Lives Will and Sonny join them and relay the news that Rolf’s cure caused his tumor. Will blames Marlena, who is a doctor and should have warned him what it could do to him. Marlena reminds him she did. Sonny calms Will down, who seconds later doesn’t recall just attacking Marlena. Will feels terrible, but Marlena understands and promises to help him sort things out. They all decide to go back to the hospital.

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Maggie on Days of our Lives At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie finds Kate promising Victor that he can count on her. She asks what is going on, and Victor tells her they are discussing Titan. Maggie wants Kate out of her home and suggests they conduct business at the office. Kate thinks Maggie is lashing out because she’s upset over Holly, so she agrees to leave. After she’s gone, Maggie warns Victor that Kate wants Victor back. He doubts that, so she tells him to open his eyes and stay away from her. Later, Maggie cries over a photo of Holly. She drops it, picks it up, and finds one of her figurines broken in the trash.

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Rex and Sarah on Days of our Lives At the hospital, Sarah informs Rex that Xander is back in town and has already made a pass at her. Rex wants to punch the jerk, but she lets him know Eric already did. Rex receives a call from Sonny, who is bringing Will in after his latest episode. Rex gives Kate a call to let her know about Will. Later, Will is admitted. Kate joins Sonny, Marlena and John in Will’s room, and Rex explains Kayla is hopeful another radiation treatment will stop these incidents. Kate asks Rex about Rolf and if there is a chance that he worked on the serum for him years ago when Rolf mentored him. Rex agrees to look back through his notes from that time and see if anything jumps out. Sarah suggests they all let Will get some rest. Later in the hall, Marlena tells John they need to find the diary with the formula. He believes he can locate it.

Eric and Brady on Days of our Lives In Salem Place, Brady tells Eric that he convinced Xander to give Nicole a divorce. Eric admits he thinks things between him and Nicole are over for good. Brady assures him in time Nicole’s grief will pass. Eric wants to be there for Nicole at the funeral tomorrow, but he doesn’t know if he should be. Brady believes Eric should attend because one day Nicole will get over her feelings and thank him for being there.

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Nicole celebrates on Days of our Lives In their hotel room, Nicole and Xander drink to their plan working, and she thinks soon she’ll have everything she’s ever wanted. Xander admits he hates having to give her a divorce, but it’s what he had to do to get the job at Titan. He admits having to answer to Brady is humiliating, but Nicole tells him good things come to those who wait. Xander finds her irresistible and pulls her into a kiss. She pushes him away, calls him repulsive, and warns him to stay in line or she’ll screw up his Titan deal. He tells her it’s her loss, and that she should just ask Sarah Horton for a reference. She laughs and calls Sarah a simple simp, so Xander criticizes her exes and says Daniel and Eric aren’t exactly macho men. Nicole laughs about Eric and calls him a whiney brat and says tearing into him was actually fun. She says Sarah can have Eric, though she is surprised that he moved on so quickly after losing her. However, this means she gets to move on too. Xander worries about getting Eric out of the picture so he can have Sarah. Nicole reminds him it’s Rex she’s engaged to, but Xander knows it’s Eric she wants. Nicole is tired of Xander and tells him to go because tomorrow is going to be an endless parade of grief. She hopes Maggie provides them with some excitement and will make a drunken spectacle. In the hall, Kate receives a call from a distraught Maggie blaming her for the broken figurine. Kate tells her she isn’t making sense and is losing control. She doesn’t have time for this because Will is back in the hospital. She hangs up. Later she spies Xander leaving Nicole’s room and wonders what is going on.

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Sarah and Rex return to his apartment. Sarah doesn’t know how everyone will get through the funeral tomorrow, and she feels for her mom and the fact that Victor won’t be any help to her. Rex promises her that they’ll all get through it. They kiss as Eric walks in. Rex thanks him for punching Xander and looking after Sarah.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie reaches for some alcohol. She smells it when Brady walks in and finds her in tears and near the booze. She tells him everything is broken.

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