eve goes to slap ben on days of our lives
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Ben and Ciara wake ben and ciara in bed on days of our livesup in his bed. He wonders why she was tossing and turning all night. Ciara’s worried about Claire and explains that Tripp broke up with her and it’s sent Claire over the edge. Ciara thinks Tripp should’ve been more understanding, even though Claire did something stupid. Ben’s surprised Ciara’s been so understanding. Ciara talks about forgiveness. Later, they get ready to leave and Ciara realizes she left her phone charger at the loft. Ben volunteers to go get it so Ciara doesn’t have to deal with Claire and Tripp.

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Claire hammers on the door of Eve’s room at the Salem Inn. Once Eve answers, Claire blames her for Tripp dumping her and details how Tripp found out about the recording. claire blames eve for tripp breaking up with her on days of our livesThough Eve apologizes, Claire comes unglued for trusting Eve and asks, “Do you know what happens when someone treats me like dirt?” Claire reminds Eve that she knows all too well and warns she better never tell about the fire. Eve promises she won’t and assures Claire she’s there for her. She urges Claire to let Tripp go. Claire refuses and storms out.

In the motel room, JJ informs Haley they can’t stay there. The cops are looking for them. Haley worries JJ could go to jail. JJ thinks they need some help…

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Eli arrives at the loft and asks if Tripp knows where JJ and Haley are. Tripp insists he hasn’t heard from them. As Eli’s leaving, Tripp gets a text from JJeli and tripp talk at loft on days of our lives asking for help. Eli questions him about the text, but Tripp claims it was his boss. Claire arrives and also denies having heard from JJ and Haley. Once Eli leaves, Claire profusely apologizes to Tripp. She professes her love and begs for another chance. Tripp will never forgive her. When she refuses to leave, Tripp says, “Then I will.” She watches him go and sobs.

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Back in the motel room, JJ worries when they haven’t heard from Tripp and suggests they head to Canada. Haley can’t believe JJ would give up everything for her. Suddenly, they get a call from Tripp.

Lani puts David down for his nap at Rafe’s then sees Hope’s signed the divorce papers. She expresses to Rafe how sorry she is. Jack arrives and wonders ciara hugs rafe on days of our liveswhy Rafe isn’t out looking for JJ. Rafe reminds him he’s suspended and learns Jack plans to fire Hope. Jack thinks Rafe might make a good commissioner. Rafe doesn’t want Hope’s job. Jack asks Rafe to think about it – if not Rafe, it’ll be someone else. He has until later today before Jack makes the announcement. After Jack leaves, they debate if Jack would let Rafe do his job, as commissioner, by the book. As Lani checks on the baby, Ciara arrives and is upset to learn from Rafe that he and Hope are divorcing. As Ciara pleads Ben’s case over seeing David, and brings up how she caught Lani in a lie about the baby, Lani appears.

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Jack returns to Eve’s room at the Salem Inn. Rafe hasn’t agreed to become commissioner so they need a Plan B before firing Hope. Eve gets giddy and anticipates them taking over Salem.

Eli finds Hope with Jenn at Salem PD. They still haven’t heard from JJ and Haley. Hope expresses her love to Jenn, who leaves, then tells Eli that Jack’s going to fire her.

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Eve runs into Ben in the square and cannot believe he’s still roaming the streets free. She recalls how he killed three people, including her daughter, and isn’t moved by Ben’s regrets. Eve brings up the fire and doesn’t think the cops looked hard enough to prove Ben started it. Ben denies it, jack sees eve attack ben on days of our livesand is sorry for what he’s done – he was sick – and reminds Eve they have to co-exist in Salem. “Like hell we do,” Eve seethes then slaps Ben hard across the face. Jack appears as Eve whacks Ben over the head with her purse. Ben brings up Eve’s previous attack but Jack orders him to leave or else he’ll be the one arrested for harassment. Suddenly, Jack receives a voicemail and thinks it’s from Rafe but Jenn appears before he can elaborate. Jenn and Jack argue over JJ and Haley. Jack insists they want the same thing but Jenn doesn’t think so. Soon, the press gathers as Jack’s sworn in as mayor. Jenn’s stunned when Jack announces plans to fire Hope and replace Eve as Salem’s new police commissioner.

Back at the station, Hope and Eli come across something in the search for JJ and Haley. Eli knows where they are. He and Hope head out.

Later, Eli and Hope enter JJ and Haley’s motel room.

Over at the loft, Claire grabs Tripp’s clothes, douses them with lighter fluid then lights the lighter. Ben appears and takes in the scene.

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