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From the Kiriakis mansion, Claire gloats as she reads about Haley’s public confession in the news. She’s glad she and Tripp can finally be together.

At the park, JJ tells Tripp that Eve forced Haley to confess by tripp jj in park days of our livesthreatening her with a recording. Tripp wonders how this happened. He gets an idea and jogs off.

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At the square, Eve thinks that Haley’s confession will ensure Jack wins the election. Jennifer pops up and shoves a recorder under Jack’s nose and asks what he did “to that poor woman.” Neither admits to anything so Jenn leaves, sickened. JJ saunters up and punches Jack so hard Jack goes flying. Eve screams. JJ hopes they’re proud of themselves for decimating Haley’s life. Eve defends herself and reminds them that they’re not staunch believers in the law. She was a prostitute. He was a drug dealer. He’s done with both of them. He hates Jack and calls him a “worthless, pathetic excuse for a man.” Jack looks injured.

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At SPD, Justin asks Haley why she publically admitted to her marriage being a fraud. She says the truth would have come out anyway. She hands over Claire’s ring and asks that he give it back to her. haley spd deportation days of our lives Hope turns up with water and Agent Smith walks in smiling. “Look who turned out to be a naughty little liar,” she remarks. She confirms Haley’s being deported and wants an official statement. Haley agrees to it as long as Tripp is left alone. Smith agrees to that and once Haley has signed, she learns that she knows more about the constitution than Smith and rubs it in the agent’s face. Smith couldn’t care less. This is her country, “And you don’t belong here.” Later, Melinda barges into Hope’s office to ask if she can see Haley. Hope says she’s with Justin right now. Melinda leaves and Jenn pops up to interview the commissioner about the deportation. Afterward, Hope reveals she’s divorcing Rafe. Jenn’s jaw drops. Later, Melinda finds Haley alone and demands to know why she tanked her plan. Haley says Eve forced her hand. Why does she care? Melinda does care and is near tears when she apologizes. Haley misses her parents. Mel says they’d be disappointed in her. Haley defends her for all she’s done for her. Melinda blurts that she didn’t do all she could to keep her in the country. Outside, Justin sees JJ and fills him in on the ruling. They go into the interrogation room and confirm that she should be leaving for China within the hour. Haley hasn’t packed so Justin goes to get Tripp to do it for her while Melinda goes to the bank to get all of Haley’s money. JJ and Haley canoodle and Smith returns. It’s time to go. Melinda bursts in and says Haley’s her daughter.

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On Rafe’s patio, Lani tells Rafe that David’s asleep. He’s distracted by divorce papers from Hope. Lani asks if he’ll fight it. Rafe’s been fighting for a while and he’s tired of it. He’s also done with marriage. He blamed Sami for the first divorce but maybe he’s wrong and he’s the problem.

Claire dreams from the Kiriakis mansion that Tripp is glad claire outted by tripp days of our livesHaley’s off to China and wants Claire’s forgiveness. She wakes up to Tripp who tells her about the deportation and asks if Claire played a part in making this happen. He asks if she gave Eve the recording. Claire lies that she didn’t but soon confesses. Tripp is enraged and dumps her.

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Back at Salem Inn, Jack’s anxious to know if he won the election so Eve suggests sex to take his mind off of the election.

Rafe goes to see Hope at SPD with signed divorce papers.rope divorce days of our lives This saddens Hope. He wanted it to be as painless as possible.

At the pub, Jenn receives an email that shocks her.

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