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From the cabin out back of the DiMera mansion, Ben tells Ciara about the accident and that they’re assuming Holly’s dead. They’re both broken up about this. Ciara forces Ben to let her go with him to deliver the bad news to Chloe and Stefan. At the house, Chloe worries. chloe hears holly dead days of our livesBen and Ciara appear and Ben fills them in on the accident and the two bodies recovered. Chloe breaks down in tears and Stefan asks how they can be sure that Holly was really one of the bodies. Later, Stefan snuggles Chloe in bed as downstairs, Ben holds Ciara as she tells him about her brother Zack’s death. Ben feels responsible for Holly. They head back to his place and Ben feels he’s turning his back on David. He isn’t ready to get custody and knows no judge would allow that but he’d like to see him and help Rafe keep an eye out for him. Ciara will talk to Rafe about it.

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At the site of the accident, Rafe talks to Hope about how much Nicole wanted a child. How will she ever get over this? Hope cries. You never get over your child’s death. Nearby, Nicole is in denial. She screams and punches Eric as he holds her. Nicole asks Hope for answers but she has none. They cry and Hope apologizes then blames Rafe. nicole sobs holly dead days of our lives She was clear that he shouldn’t follow Ted. Rafe says he’ll be tortured by this forever but he couldn’t let Ted walk into the situation alone. His gut told him that Ted wasn’t to be trusted. Hope suspends Rafe from the SPD indefinitely for insubordination. He sadly hands over his gun and badge. He hopes that this isn’t coming from a personal place. Hope denies that. Rafe thinks that they should consider making their separation permanent. Hope cries, “Is that what you want?” He thinks it’s what she wants. She’d like “not to be sad anymore.” She goes and Rafe flashes to better times with his wife then removes his wedding band and tosses it away in tears.

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At the hotel, Xander tells Ted, “Well done, mate.” Ted says thisxander and ted work together days of our lives is sadistic to kill a child. Xander agrees. “And it’s just the beginning.” Ted wants to know who he helped him kill. Xander says nobody. They were already dead – from the morgue. Ted wants to know who Xander’s partner is. Xander says it’s Julie Williams. Ted doesn’t believe him and calls him a jackass. Xander thinks the less Ted knows about their boss the better off he’ll be. Ted’s glad when he figured out Rafe was following him. He used it to his advantage. Xander grins. Ted assumes this is the end of Rafe and Hope’s marriage. Later, Hope arrives, shocked to see Ted. He lies that he came to see if there was something he could have done differently. He assumes Rafe feels bad too. He learns Rafe’s suspended and that she thinks her marriage is over. Ted claims he’s sorry. He holds her as she cries.

At Doug’s Place, Maggie mourns Holly’s “death.” Kate reminds her she has Melanie and Parker. Maggie’s grateful for that. Victor blames Chloe for the child’s death and Maggie blames him. If Chloe was comfortable enough to stay with them, they’d be tucking her into bed instead of picking out her pallbearers. Kate snaps at Maggie for taking her pain out on Victor. She starts to blame Maggie until Victor asks her to stop. Maggie’s hurt that Victor won’t go home with her but that he’ll stay there with Kate.

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At Eric’s, Nicole grieves and blames Eric for not keeping her daughter safe and fights him as he tries to comfort her. Eric tells her about his fight with Chloe over Holly and that he gave up after he read Nicole’s letter detailing that she wanted Chloe to care for Holly. Nicole forgot. She blames Eric for everything.

At home, Maggie weeps and remembers Kate’s words about not protecting Holly. She takes the cap off of the booze and pours a glass, only to pour it back.

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