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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah is still in shock over Nicole being alive when Maggie notices she’s upset and assumes Rex “the jerk” did something. Rex strolls in and says ‘not this time’. Maggie apologizes for throwing shade and Sarah shares that Nicole’s alive. Maggie begins to weep in denial but eventually, she believes the news.

Eric and Nicole snuggle on his sofa and look at photos of Holly. Nicole tears up thinking of frightened Holly must have been to lose her. She’s grateful her kid was surrounded by family. Nic asks how Eric got past her “death.” He says it was “tough.” It took him time to rebuild his life. Nicole’s glad he had Rex and Sarah. Eric looks guilty.

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At the DiMera mansion, Stefan holds Chloe’s hand. She’s beside herself with concern over Holly. Hope arrives. She’s found nothing yet. She goes and Chloe prepares to tell Maggie. Meanwhile, out back in his apartment, Ben tells Ciara his search for Holly came up empty. He apologizes that he has to leave again. He’d rather hold her since tonight was their first time. Ciara understands.ben and ciara at his home days of our lives He goes to shower and once he’s gone, Hope turns up. Ben comes out in a towel and asks Ciara to join him. It’s awkward and Hope stammers as she says she’s there to see Ben. Stefan hoped he could help her get access codes to the DiMera security cams. Ben can. He goes off to shower first and Hope blurts, “You’re having sex?” Ciara felt she was ready and begs her mom to understand that Ben makes her happy. When they’re alone, she sees a kind and generous person who respects her. Ciara can’t help seeing similarities between her and Ben and Hope and Bo since Doug didn’t like Bo at first. Hope asks her not to compare her father to Ben. Ciara apologizes but then says her dad also wouldn’t approve of Ted Laurent. She hates that he’s coming between her and Rafe and doesn’t want her mom to get hurt. Hope thanks her but she’s fine. Ciara asks that they start trusting each other’s judgment as Ben reappears. He’ll get his laptop. Hope winks at Ciara and they hug. Once she’s gone, Ben is shocked to hear Hope knows they “slept together.” Ben’s surprised he’s in one piece.

At the hotel, Ted can’t believe Xander pulled this off. Xander gives Ted credit which elicits a frown from the DA. Xander’s also happy Ted’s been his eyes and ears in Salem. Ted’s not proud of helping with the kidnapping. Xander brushes his concerns off. He’s the girl’s step-dada. Besides, it’s not as if they’re taking her from her real mother. Xander pays Ted xander and ted work together days of our livesoff and when Ted opens his briefcase, Xander picks up the jewelry box. He’s unhappy that Ted’s interested in the police commissioner. Ted’s in turn not happy to hear about part two of their scheme. He’s to get Hector to lie that the cartel took Holly. Ted refuses until Xander threatens to tell Hope that he’s not reformed.

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Chloe rushes into the Kiriakis mansion to tell Maggie that Holly’s missing. She sobs and blames herself. She’s failed both Maggie and Nicole. They’re about to tell her about Nicole when Nancy calls. Chloe leaves the room to take the call and Sarah goes to Eric’s with the news. Chloe returns and Rex tells her that Nicole’s alive. Maggie runs to tell Victor about Holly so he can get his men on this, while Chloe reels over news that her BFF is alive.

Sarah rushes into Eric’s and blurts that Holly has gone missing. Sarah explains that Chloe’s staying with Stefan. Nicole asks, “Stefano?” Eric clarifies it’s his son. Nic panics and they rush out. Alone, Sarah can’t sarah cries days of our livesstop thinking of kissing Eric. She sobs and smashes her mug. Rex strolls in and asks if she’s okay. Sarah feigns crying over Holly.

Nicole and Eric let themselves into the DiMera manse. Nicole introduces herself and wants information about her kid’s kidnapping. Stefan shares everything he knows. They’re assuming it’s the drug cartel hitting back at Chloe. They fill Nicole in on that story. Chloe walks in and runs to Nicole’s arms. Nicole tells her to get her hands off of her. She blames her friend for the kidnapping and stomps out, leaving Chloe to cry hysterically.

Ted finds Hope deep in thought at SPD. She tells him she wants to question Hector again. Ted offers to do it.

Back at the hotel, Xander calls his partner to leave a message about the next step in their plan.

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