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At Ben’s gatehouse, Ciara wakes up and finds Ben nearby. He tells her he hasn’t found El Fciara and ben sit on bed days of our livesideo’s men yet. They rehash their time at the cabin and how to convince the police that Ben didn’t set the fire. They share a lingering kiss.

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At the DiMera mansion, Gabi and Stefan claim to hate each other with the passion of a thousand suns. The insults get them hot and Gabi suggests hate sex to get his feelings for ‘Gabby with a y’ out of his system. Gabi notes that she’s the real deal. Stefan asks what she’s up to. Ben interrupts with Cartel news. The men rush to the park.

At the park, Chloe and Brady feel sad when Holly mumbles something about Mommy. Nearby, someone watches as Chloe tells Holly that her mama is “in heaven.” The kid goes off to play with someone named Lacey and Brady boasts that Chloe knew to tell Nicole’s kid the right thing.

At Eric’s house, Eric rambles on about how gorgeous and wonderful Nicole was. Sarah sits engrossed and then apologizes for sharing her feelings with him when it’s obvious he’s still grieving Nicole. Eric thinks he should be the one apologizing. He rehashes Nicole’s death and his guilt, then as they discuss the wedding, he admits he doesn’t want to be Rex’s best man.

At the square, John and Marlena discuss Will’s condition. John didn’t tell Paul the news as john and marlena with gift days of our livesWill asked but Sami and Lucas should know. Marlena thinks Will wants to wait until they know more.

At the hospital, Rex gives Will an injection of anti-seizure medication when he begins to seize. Soon, the seizure is over and Will’s confused. Rex explains that he had a seizure, which is a side effect of the tumor. They can still go forth with the biopsy. Sonny holds Will’s hand and comforts him. Will feels bad that Sonny is facing yet another obstacle with him. Will drifts off to sleep and Rex advises it’s time for surgery.

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John interrupts Chloe and Brady’s picnic in the park to say hello and tell them how nice it is to see them spending time together again. Someone watches from the woods as Brady explains this picnic was “happenstance.” Chloe leaves with Holly and Brady lets his dad know he’s glad that Leo isn’t related to them. Chloe returns and John leaves. Chloe accidentally finds his phone open and displaying the text that Gabi sent which reveals Gabi told Brady where Chloe would be so he could hijack her picnic. Pissed, she remembers why she broke up with him and goes home.

sarah watches marlena and eric home days of our lives

Marlena arrives at Eric’s place. She’s cool with Sarah. Marlena asks Eric to keep Will’s diagnosis from Sami for now at Will’s requests. “And no more grand bargains,” she says, laughing. Sarah questions him but Eric ignores her. Marlena finds the photo album of Nicole and Sarah gives them space. Marlena harps on her son for keeping his feelings from Sarah. Eric warns that she’d better not do it for him or he won’t forgive her. Sarah appears in the doorway as Marlena’s leaving. Sarah questions what they were discussing and Eric shoots her down and when she asks what he was bartering with God about, he doesn’t want to discuss that, either. They circle back to why he doesn’t want to be best man and he covers but says Rex never asked anyway. Sarah overheard his conversation with his mother and thinks whatever they discussed is the reason he doesn’t want to be in the wedding party.

John arrives at the hospital to get word from Sonny on how Will was doing before surgery. sonny and john hug hospital days of our livesSonny sadly shares the news of the seizure. John hugs Sonny and tells him that he and Doc were talking about her marrying them soon. This cheers Sonny a bit. Will’s wheeled back after surgery, happy and making jokes. He’s loopy from the drugs.

Back at the mansion, Gabi sees Ciara and asks why she’s there. She says she spent the night with Ben. Gabi’s horrified that she’s spending the night with a serial killer and then says, “No judgment.” They talk about Rafe and Hope’s separation due to the baby. Ciara didn’t know but finds Rafe “fixated on that baby.” Gabi says her next of kin is Ben. “I certainly wouldn’t want a psychopath taking care of my kid.” Ciara takes offense and Gabi apologizes. Later, they’re shot at from the patio.

Chloe sits at Doug’s Place and broods over Brady’s machinations.

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