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Chloe dreams Stefan’s kissing her in her bed at DiMera mansion. She wakes up and Stefan appears with news. His men are closing in on El Fideo’s goons. Later, in the great room, Stefan has taken the day off and packed a picnic lunch.

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Kate arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor asks, “How did you get in here?” He yells, “Security!” Kate tells him to knock it off. She has something for him. “Is it ticking?” kate and victor working days of our livesVictor wonders. Kate hands him a file and says he’s wasting money but she can get him back on track before the end of the year. Brady arrives. He learns Kate wants a job at Titan. He’s not interested. Kate thinks he should be. She reminds Brady she and Victor have been doing this since he was in diapers. Brady leaves the room and Vic agrees, she’s rarely wrong when it comes to business. Maggie approaches. curious as to why Kate’s there. Kate says they’re discussing business. She wouldn’t be interested. Victor considers that rude. Maggie is surprised Kate’s not with Will for his surgery. Kate’s confounded so Maggie explains Will’s brain tumor and biopsy.

At Gabi’s place, she fixes Will and Sonny breakfast and encourages them to eat. They both look concerned. Arianna runs up. She wants to see David today but Gabs lets her know they have a doctor’s gabi and wilson home days of our livesappointment for Daddy Will. The kid asks if her dad’s sick and Will lies. Everyone files out and Brady arrives to see if Gabi gave thought to his idea for her to seduce Stefan and take advantage of him. She’s not sure so Brady convinces her to do it. They learn Stefan took the morning off for a picnic and decide to grab Stefan’s attention while Brady “innocently” runs into Chloe. They’ll both get what they want.

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Rex and Sarah walk into the living room and overhear Eric on a call, telling someone that their marriage is doomed. Rex angrily confronts his brother. Eric says he was leaving a message regarding Jack and Eve’s wedding. Rex apologizes. He’s overly sensitive. Later, Eric inquires if he can be kept in the loop about Will’s test results before Rex heads to the hospital. Sarah gets to work on planning the wedding and Eric offers to photograph it. He shows Sarah images he’s taken. Sarah finds Nicole gorgeous.

Will and Sonny drop Arianna off at the Kiriakis mansion. Will approaches Kate with Victor in the living room. Kate asks why he didn’t tell her about his biopsy. Will didn’t want her to worry. She asks what he needs. He asks her to relax and refuses to let her go with him.

Gabi rushes into the DiMera mansion, harried. She tells Stefan that their deal is falling apart. Stefan tries to calm her nerves but she demands they strategize or their client will go to Titan. Stefan’s forced to cancel plans with Chloe. Once she’s alone, Gabi texts Brady to suggest he get to the park fast. Later, Gabi and Stefan work on their deal and when they’re close to being finished, Gabi realizes she has to keep him home longer. She explains about Will’s tumor and biopsy. Stefan’s sorry. She feigns tears and hugs him. She pulls away and apologizes. Gabi babbles about hot string-free sex.

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At the hospital, Sonny attempts to ease Will’s concerns over the procedure and Arianna. Maggie finds Rex at the hub. She is glad Rex is doing Will’s biopsy. Rex is happy she has confidence in his work. They rehash her issues with him marrying her daughter and Kate calls to ream Rex out for keeping Will’s diagnosis and surgery from her. Rex apologizes and they disconnect. Rex goes to Will and Sonny to discuss the surgery and recovery. Soon, Will has a seizure. chloe brady holly picnic days of our lives

During their picnic in the park, Chloe can’t put a kite together, so Chloe sees Brady running and calls him over. He agrees to help put the kite together.

Back at Victor’s, he asks if Kate’s okay. Kate wonders why he cares. Will isn’t good enough for his precious Sonny. Victor shrugs. He hires her on at Titan. They’ll hammer out details once they hear Will’s going to be okay.

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