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Lani plays with David in the square. Ben and Ciara pop up and Ben is excited to meet Jordan’s baby. He asks to hold him and Lani turns away and refuses. Ciara thinks Ben deserves the right to hold his nephew. Eli agrees so Lani hands him over. Ben happily introduces himself as David’s Uncle Ben and gives him a snuggle. Ciara thinks David looks like Ben. Ben holds nephew days of our livesSoon, Lani takes the kid away and Ciara asks, “Could she have been any ruder?” Ben knows she only sees a serial killer. He understands. Lani goes and Eli asks to discuss the cabin fire since Jordan denies setting it. Ciara bitches, “She’s in Bayview. Why would anyone believe what she said?” Ben motions for her to relax and says the lighter isn’t his. Ciara agrees to go to the station.

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Rafe and Hope leave SPD to chat about their marital issues.

In a storage room at Salem Inn, several boxes fall on Jack’s head. He falls unconscious and when Jennifer gets him to stir, he calls her Loretta. He corrects himself. He knows she’s Jennifer but Jenn is so excited that he has jack and jenn locked up storage days of our liveshad a memory. That means his memories are still somewhere inside his noggin. She tells him about the Loretta boat. It’s familiar to him. Jenn pressures him to remember more. Meanwhile, in her room, Eve leaves Jennifer a message about how much of a “bitch” she is. Claire arrives, upset that Tripp is gaga over Haley in her wedding gown. Eve has no time for this. She’s preparing for her nuptials. Claire ignores that and drones about how she’s spinning out of control. She blames Haley and then blurts that JJ’s giving the lighter to the police. Eve is confused and convinces her to share more and finally, Eve realizes Claire set the cabin fire. Claire tears up as she confesses and admits she had intentions of saving Ciara but her jealousy was out of control. Eve asks, “How could you?” Ciara almost died. Claire says she returned to the scene but Rafe and Hope were there so she returned home and tried to put it out of her mind. Claire worries that if Tripp finds out, he’ll hate her. She asks if Eve will turn her in. Eve will ensure Ben takes the fall.

At the loft, Haley and Tripp are dressed for their wedding. Tripp finds her beautiful.

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At the hospital, JJ tells Kayla about Claire overreacting to himkayla justin tripp hospital days of our lives discussing the lighter from her jewelry box and talk turns to Jack’s wedding to Eve today. Kayla’s sorry he has to go through this. JJ knows it’s terrible but kind of wishes his dad was still dead. Later, Tripp arrives and invites Kayla to his wedding. [Justin’s scene was cut.]

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In the park, Rafe and Hope are awkward with each other. Rafe admits he wants to keep David. Hope doesn’t and thinks he’s using the kid to avoid their troubles. They debate this and then Rafe brings up Ted and Hope confesses he’s in love with her and wants her to leave Rafe. Rafe’s pissed. He’s going to kill the man. Hope opens up about the kiss and that she made it clear that she’s not interested. Rafe’s glad. She begs him to fight for her – for them. Rafe is but he isn’t sure she’s all in. He’ll care for David and until she figures out which guy she wants, he’ll move out. Hope sobs.

Back at the loft, Haley answers the door to JJ. He has boutonnieres for the men and an orchid for Haley. jj kissing haley loft days of our livesHaley’s touched by his tenderness and they share a moment as she tells him about wanting to marry for love when she was a child. She shows him a card with the shuāngxǐ or symbol of “double happiness” in Chinese and cries a little, knowing she won’t have that. She finds JJ her savior and forgives him for his betrayal. They kiss.

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At SPD, Ciara flashes to Ben holding a lighter like the one that Eli shows her. She admits it looks like the one Ben had.

Outside the pub, Ben is on a call to Bayview being turned down when he asks to see Jordan. When Lani comes out with the baby, she rushes off.

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Ciara comforts Ben.

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