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Eli and Lani say goodbye in the square and Lani bumps into Rafe, who is struggling with packages and David. Lani gets the baby to sleep which relieves Rafe. He’s been up all night. They discuss David’s care. Lani urges Rafe not to hand him over to child protective services. Can’t he just take David and care for him? Rafe likes the idea but it’s not his place and he has to think of Hope. He thinks she’s done raising kids. Lani thinks he should fight for what he wants.

Ted strides into SPD, and seems annoyed to learn from Hope that David’s staying with her and hope professing love hope days of our livesRafe until he can find a caregiver. Hope finds David sweet and doesn’t mind. Ted asks if she’s given thought to his feelings for her. She has thought of nothing else but isn’t open to another relationship. Ted gets pushy. Hope yells to ‘stop’ and as Eli walks in, he hears Ted mention his declaration of love. Ted goes and Eli confronts Hope. She fills him in a little and Eli calls that harassment. Hope says nothing so Eli wonders if she’s leaving Rafe. Hope just wants to be at the top of Rafe’s list, but all of his exes are. Rafe arrives after Eli’s gone. Hope says they need to talk.

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At the pub, Eric smirks as Eve waits for the “mysterious man” to meet her. eve and eric pub days of our livesEric eavesdrops on her message to Jack about getting some dirt for his campaign. Eric thinks she’s appealing to Jack’s worst fears and turning him into a man he’s not. Eve claims that’s what Jennifer’s doing. They get into it about love and bicker about which of them know more. Eve thinks this is his chance to get back together with Jenn but Eric knows Jack’s her soulmate. Eve would be wise to see that. He puts on his Russian accent and Eve is shocked to know he’s the mystery man. Eric reveals and Jennifer duped her so Jenn can talk Jack out of marrying Eve.

An alarm blares as Jack tugs open the door at Salem Inn and finds a fireman at his door. The fireman throws Jack’s bedding over his head and takes him out of the room. Jack doesn’t see the smoke machine on the floor outside. The fireman locks them inside a storage closet and removes their mask. jack and jenn fireman days of our livesIt’s Jennifer. She admits there’s no fire but that there’s an emergency. Jack has a fit so Jenn admits he did this for her once in order to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life and she’s returning the favor. She explains that she was going to marry Emilio Ramirez but was in love with Jack. Jack asks why she didn’t. She didn’t think Jack was in love with her, but in her veil and gown, Jack rescued her, wearing a fireman’s uniform. She laughs while flashing back. She keeps flashing back. Jack doesn’t remember anything. Eve returns to her room and finds the smoke machine and the door open. In the storage room, Jack yells that he’s not the Jack that she misses. If he’s not this person, he’s nothing. Eve accepts her as he is. Jenn says that’s fine but he doesn’t need to marry her. He has her. She still loves him. “But I don’t love you,” he blurts. He tries to break the door down and falls, hitting his head.

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At the hospital, Rex tells Will that he has a small mass on his frontal lobe. rex says will tumor days of our livesIt’s a small tumor that explains his headaches and passing out. Will digests this bit of news and Sarah claims it could be benign. Rex calls it small. Usually, the larger ones are cancerous. They’ll biopsy but aren’t sure if they can remove it due to its location. Sonny and Will are visibly shaken as Rex advises no stress, no work or driving.

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At the mansion, Sonny and Will are frightened of the outcome of Will’s tumor but Sonny wants them to remain positive. Will looks sad as Sonny tries to console him. They profess their love and kiss and later, Will Googles what a brain tumor is and looks increasingly worried. He cries as Sonny holds him.

Eli finds Lani at the square, talking to David and looks concerned.

Back at the pub, Eric accidentally hears Sarah tell Rex she wants to set a wedding date.

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