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Jennifer paces the square and flashes to Eve’s engagement announcement.

At Salem Inn, Eve helps Jack pick out a bow tie. She thinks they can make a go of it as a married eve and jack at inn days of our livescouple. Jack calls her his “only family,” and they kiss to a fresh start. JJ arrives. Eve goes and JJ rips into Jack about breaking his mama’s heart. Jack calls Jenn a “tough cookie,” but JJ knows it’s an act. Inside, she’s a mess. JJ begs his father not to marry Eve. Jennifer still loves him! Jack is surprised. He asks if he wants his parents back together. JJ says no. His mom deserves better and Eve’s a disgusting person. Jack wishes they could work through their issues. He invites JJ to be his best man. JJ refuses and calls his dad a lost cause.

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At the loft, Claire flashes to Eve being unsure of what happened to Tripp’s confession tape. Claire decides to make another tape. Haley and Tripp approach, discussing wedding plans. haley crazy makeup days of our livesClaire looks jealous. Tripp is getting something blue since Haley has something borrowed, old and new. Claire asks why since this is a fake marriage. Tripp denies that it is, then drags her and Haley outside to explain that they want to be careful of what they admit on the off chance that the place is bugged. The women head back inside while Tripp goes to get his tux. Claire does Haley’s makeup and fantasizes that she’s made her up to look ridiculous.

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Eric and Sarah snuggle naked in bed in his room, happy. rex and sarah in bed days of our lives Sarah wakes up beside Rex. He hands her coffee. He’s happy about their engagement. “Okay,” she responds, which prompts Rex to ask if she has second thoughts. She doesn’t so he asks her to marry him today. Sarah chokes on her coffee when she hears this. She doesn’t want to. Jack and Tripp are having dualling weddings today. Theirs will get lost in the shuffle. They kiss.

Eric has lunch with Marlena at the pub. She suggests her son tell Sarah how he feels about her. Eric refuses to go back on his promise to God. Marlena argues that the doctors at the hospital saved his life. Besides, she likes Sarah and thinks she’d be happier with Eric.

Marlena considers telling Sarah herself. Eric tells her it’s none of her business and makes her promise to keep silent. Jennifer arrives, glad to see Marlena out of the hospital. eric and jenn pub days of our livesShe touches base on the pain over Jack’s engagement and Marlena offers to listen if she is in need. Marlena goes and Jenn asks about his feelings for Sarah. Eric shrugs her question off and they bash Eve a little before Eric advises his ex to stop the wedding. Jenn scoffs at that idea and then remembers the time that he set a fire and rescued her. They laugh and Eric says he’ll even help. Jennifer agrees to it. He has an idea…

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Will is glad to be home with Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion. Sonny acts as Will’s manservant. marlena hugs will days of our livesHe returns Will’s necklace. It’s been fixed. Will’s surprised he bothered since he doesn’t believe in the evil eye. Sonny wants to be careful. Will thinks his elevated white blood cells is due to the stress of Leo. “Leo is stressing tight pants,” he says. He wears the necklace anyway. They kiss. Marlena turns up, glad to see them so happy. Sonny’s talk about putting a ring back on Will’s finger is met with support. Will gets a call from Rex – his test results are in.

Tripp bumps into Eve at the square. They bicker about whose wedding is the biggest farce and Eve lets Tripp know that marrying Haley won’t guarantee she’ll get a green card. Tripp’s face falls. Eve gets a call from someone who has dirt on Abe Carver and asks her to meet. It’s Eric, using a fake accent. He asks her to meet at Brady’s pub.

Back at the Inn, Jack’s astounded to see smoke under the door. The alarm goes off and Jack opens the door to a fireman  – Jennifer.

Eve arrives at the pub. Eric gets her a drink.

At the hospital, Marlena is paged so leaves Will and Sonny to receive the test results. Rex and Sarah appear with bad news…

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