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At the pub, Sheila gets her signals crossed, thinking Abe was moving in for a kisslani introduce david to abe days of our lives but he wasn’t. Eli and Lani interrupt with David. Sheila thought “David was dead.” She immediately regrets her words. The table is silent. She apologizes and they accept. Eli and Sheila go to the bar to get drinks and Eli asks what’s up between her and Abe. Sheila says nothing. They’re not even friends. Maybe if his girlfriend didn’t move out he’d be in a better mood. Eli doesn’t think his mom should be to blame. Back at the table, Abe worries about Lani getting too close to David and bringing up painful memories. Lani says her son’s with her every day anyway. Right now, this guy needs all the love he can get.

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Rafe visits Jordan at Bayview. She’s thrilled to hear her baby’s in Salem but finds it a letdown to learn Rafe can’t bring him to see her. He asks for the father’s name for the paperwork and she becomes quiet, then changes the topic. Rafe presses. Maybe he can care for David until Jordan happy with rafe about david days of our livesshe can. Jordan gripes that David’s dad will never be a part of his life. Rafe tells her that she’s unwell and needs to focus on getting better so she and David can be together one day. Jordan asks Rafe to keep Ben away from her kid, too. Rafe understands but they’re running out of options and if they don’t find a suitable temporary guardian, he’ll end up in the system. Jordan takes his hand. She trusts him and asks if he will care for David.

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At Doug’s Place, after the kiss, Hope pulls away and then reminds Ted she is a married woman. He doesn’t think she should be married anymore. Hope finds that presumptuous but Ted has seen first hand how Rafe never makes her his priority. She’s told him as much herself. Hope’s embarrassed for saying so but insists he misreaHope and ted smooch days of our livesd her. She’s not ready to give up her marriage and is sorry for misleading him. Ted argues that her husband is not as committed as she is. If her marriage was stable, he’d stay away. Ted lapses into French and  Hope asks him to translate. He confesses he’s crazy in love with her. Hope’s stunned but intrigued. He barely knows her. Ted tells her what he’s noticed about her, like how she twists a paperclip into a cat – she corrects him. It’s a dog. She laughs, in spite of herself. He knows she’s strong, caring and kind. He also knows she has feelings for him. He can wait until she’s ready to admit them to herself – and him. He kisses her head and goes.

At the square, Jennifer marches up to the podium to ask Jack and Eve for answers regarding Eve’s engagement announcement. They claim they wanted to set a contrast between their true love story and Haley Chen’s fake marriage. Jenn asks where the ring is and Jack grins uneasily. Eve produces a ring she was wearing on her right hand. Jennifer calls it modest. Eve says it’s about the love, not the ring. The crowd cheers and Eve runs to talk to Claire while Jennifer confronts Jack. She knows Eve blindsided him with the engagement. Jack lies and denies being Eve’s puppet but Jenn counters him. That’s exactly what he is.

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In the park, Eve says the video of Tripp’s confession seems to have been erased. Claire’s angry jenn upset jj comforts her square days of our livesbut Eve assures her they’ll try another tactic. Eve misses her little girl, Paige, and it comforts her to nurture Claire in a motherly way. Claire finds that sweet and relaxes. Eve returns to the square and drags Jack away from Jennifer. Jenn takes a seat and JJ finds her. She shows him the news about the engagement and he comforts her.

Eve and Jack return to Salem Inn. He asks if she honestly thinks he’s going to marry her. Eve says he can back out of it. But he’d better think of something fast to stop Haley and Tripp’s marriage. Jack says no – they’re going to get married tomorrow too. The best way to fight a lie is with a bigger lie. She agrees. They can sell this.

Claire walks into the loft and overhears Haley and Tripp joking about what they should do for their wedding.

Rafe arrives at the pub with a blanket for David and news that he’s David’s new caregiver. David chews on his blankie and Rafe holds him while Lani looks on wistfully.

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