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In the square, Eve gloats about winning the election on the phone with Claire, while nearby Jack tells Abe not to play the friend card with him. Jack’s proud of himself and tells Abe to save his arrogance. They bicker and when Abe goes, Jack tells Eve he can’t wait to beat him on election day. They kiss passionately. Eve goes and Jennifer appears. The Spectator is officially eve jack and jenn argue again square days of our livesendorsing Abe Carver for mayor. It’s Adrienne’s decision. Jack shakes his head in disbelief. Jack snarks about Haley using their son and their nephew, which surprises Jenn. “Somewhere in there you care,” she says. Maybe the old Jack really is in there. She caresses his neck and they stare into each other’s eyes. Eve interrupts and Jenn steps aside.

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At SPD, Lani and Eli fawn over Jordan Ridgeway’s son David, (played by Ellis twins). Lani’s surprised Jordan wasn’t lying. Lani snuggles the little man and is struck to learn his name is David and that he’s six months old. The same age their son would have been. In Hope’s office, Rafe has told Hope and Ted about finding Jordan’s son with a woman who cared for him while Jordan was lani and eli hold baby david spd days of our livesaway. Rafe brought him home. Ted snarks that his mother’s a psych patient. Rafe rolls his eyes. “Didn’t you resign?” Ted updates him on Abe keeping him around. Hope wants to call child protective services but Rafe says not to. It’ll be a bureaucratic nightmare for Jordan to get him back. Rafe asks Ted to get lost so they can talk. Hope mentions their date night. Rafe says to cancel, which upsets Hope. They profess their love and Hope admits that he keeps putting others before her. He counters that she’s always with Ted. Hope cries that she’s not sure if she wants to be in this marriage. She takes off.

At the pub, Sheila listens to Abe rant about Jack and Eve thinking of Haley as some dangerous criminal. Abe worries Jack could win. He’s sharp and he’ll twist his words. Sheila suggests he fight back. He admits he compromised his integrity by allowing Ted to stay on as DA when he’s crooked. He decided it was better than having a corrupt mayor. Sheila thinks he should bring up Jack being a rapist but Kayla’s his friend. He can’t so Sheila suggests he play matchmaker with him and Jennifer. Abe refuses.

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At the loft, JJ and Tripp discuss Jordan’s claims that she didn’t set the first tripp jj and haley discuss wedding days of our livescabin fire but he found the same type of lighter used in the cabin fire in Claire’s jewelry box. JJ says Claire told him she found it there when Ben was living there. Tripp shrugs it off but JJ wonders if it’s the actual lighter. Claire arrives and sees JJ grab the lighter. He tells her he wants to take it to the police. He goes and Claire reads online that Eve and Jack are holding a rally. They’ve mentioned Haley. Claire pretends she cares and suggests they go so they can fight back. They leave.

JJ arrives at SPD and sees David with Lani and Eli. Eli explains he’s Jordan’s. JJ wonders if that means she’s being honest that she didn’t set that cabin fire. He gives Eli the lighter. Rafe later asks Eli and Lani to babysit David so he can go see Jordan.

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Back at the square, Claire finds JJ and asks about the police getting the lighter. JJ has no news. Tripp and Haley turn up. Eve greets the crowd and she gets into the immigration issue and Claire cheers jack and eve with mayoral candidate sign days of our livesas Eve talks about Haley breaking the law and planning a fraudulent marriage to get her green card. Eve points out Haley in the crowd. Haley tries to defend herself and everyone chants, “Send her back! Send her back!” Jack looks uncomfortable. He greets everyone and then tries to play the video of Claire and Tripp and the fake confession but the tape is blank. The crowd is annoyed so Eve announces that she and Jack are getting married. Jack grins but looks surprised as JJ frowns and Jennifer’s mouth drops open.

Ted finds Hope alone at Doug’s Place. He assumed she would be with Rafe and asks if she’s okay. She looks as if she’s about to cry. He’s sorry. So is she. He kisses her tenderly and she responds.

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