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At the groundskeeper’s house on the DiMera property, Ben wants to pursue El Fideo’s men since they got away. Ciara bosses himhope tells ben jordans secret days of our lives around, telling him he’s not. He finds her cute when she’s bossy. Hope interrupts to talk to Ben. Ciara thinks it’s about the fire but it’s about Jordan. She fills Ben in on being an uncle. Ben and Ciara say that neither has heard this. Maybe she’s making it up. Hope says Rafe’s in California checking out her story. Ciara says if she’s lying about this, maybe she’s lying about not setting the fire. Hope goes and Ciara and Ben ponder the news. Ben doesn’t know how to reconcile how his sister hates him now. Ciara tries to soothe him and they wind up kissing tenderly. Ben whips out a gun which he says he has a permit for. He’s bringing it along with him. Stefan suddenly calls and asks him to stay in Salem for now. Ciara’s thrilled.

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Ted hands in his resignation to Abe at the square, effective immediately, because he knows abe, ted, jack and eve talk in the square on days of our livesDetective Hernandez filled Abe in on his past. Abe wishes he’d have vetted him himself. Ted defends Hope but Abe feels taken advantage of. He’s in a terrible position.

At the loft, Haley goes over her fake backstory with Tripp. He comes down in a suit and she’s ‘wowed’. JJ arrives to see Claire. He flashes to seeing her lighter.

Claire packs up her stuff at Salem Inn and complains until Eve tries to reassure her that their new scheme will have more impact. Claire grins.

Jack and Eve stroll up to the square and overhear Ted has resigned. Eve demands to know why but Abe tells Eve to leave Ted alone. Eve asks what claire talks to eve and jack on days of our livesTed’s hiding. Abe says Ted was born in France and Ted worried he’d be a liability to his campaign, knowing how Eve and Jack feel about immigration. Abe then decides not to accept Ted’s resignation. Eve and Jack leave and though Abe finds Ted repulsive, he wants him to do his job and keep his mouth shut. Later, Eve and Jack reappear and get into it about Tripp marrying Haley for a green card. Abe can’t reconcile the man in front of him with his old friend who used to tell Lexi stupid jokes. “If this is the man you’ve become, my old friend, you might as well still be dead.”

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Claire returns to the loft and pretends that she had a great night alone getting room service jj and claire talk at loft on days of our livesand watching movies. Haley’s sorry she dragged Tripp home. They’ve been getting to know each other. They go and Claire screams. JJ asks about the lighter in her jewelry box. Claire is appalled that he looked in there without consent. JJ explains that Haley was putting her ring back. He thinks it’s the same one used to light the fire in the cabin. Claire acts shocked to learn that Jordan claims not to have set that fire. She paces and rants that she’d never have set that fire. JJ quietly says he’s not accusing her. He wonders if Ben left it behind. Claire gives him her fake smoking cover story. She claims she found it in the loft.

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In the immigration office, Tripp and Haley are nervous. No nonsense Agent Laverne Smith, (played by Stacie Greenwell), walks in. She’s not a fan of fairytales. She read their application and doesn’t buy their story. Later, they share how they met and Smith knows he had a girlfriend. She’s seen Claire’s social media presence. Claire was his world for the longest time.immigration agent smith questions tripp and haley on days of our lives “It sounds like love to me,” she states. Tripp calls it a rebound. Laverne brings up Haley kissing JJ. Haley brushes that off as nothing and her love for Tripp came out of nowhere. Laverne says their love might force them to move to China.

At SPD, Ted asks Hope if he should clear the air with Rafe. She tells him about Rafe running off to find Jordan’s baby. Ted can see Rafe has a pattern. It must be hard on Hope. She agrees. Just then, Rafe returns.

Haley and Tripp return to the loft and share their story. Claire runs off to call Eve to ask her to release the tape.

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