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At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Maggie are pleased to read Sonny’s annulment papers. Vic wants to frame them, then he can “shove them up” Leo’s…He changes the discussion and tells Maggie that Sonny took Will to the hospital after a fainting spell. She’s alarmed but Victor calls Will “over-dramatic,” which drives Maggie crazy.

At the hospital, Sonny jokingly asks if Gabi has frankincense. It’ll remove the hex from Will because the necklace doesn’t seem to be working. Will’s taking it seriously. Sonny takes off to see what’s taking the lab so long while Gabi tries to make sense of the fainting spell. Sonny returns with Kate and Roman who just learned he was there and want to cheer him up. Gabs and Sonny go and they ask Will what happened.

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In Chloe’s bedroom, a shirtless Stefan has breakfast for her while she yells at Julie on the phone about work. Chloe’s in a mood, having had issues sleeping, too. Stefan tries to soothe her concerns about the goons. He hopes once this is over he can take her out. She smiles. Later, Chloe learns that Stefan kissed Gabi. She asks if he’s into her. He protests and Chloe wonders how he really feels. She takes off and returns with Holly. Stefan decides to have a picnic with her since hers was canceled today. He’ll make Brussels sprouts with chocolate. They laugh. Later, they dine on sandwiches on the floor on a blanket.

Eric meets Brady at the park about the blackmail. Eric chooses not to be blackmailed. Rex already brady eric argue at park days of our livesknows Sarah kissed him because she told him. Brady seems disappointed but assumes this still means Eric’s in love with her. Talk turns to Chloe moving in “with the latest DiMera sociopath,” and Eric says this is Chloe’s call. Brady will place the blame on his brother if something happens to Holly. Eric thinks his brother is being ridiculous. He should rethink his tactics with Chloe if he really wants to help her. Things get heated and Brady is tired of being held responsible for Nicole’s death. He brings up Daniel’s death and then immediately regrets it. Eric tells him off and Brady realizes he has to go on to plan b.

Sarah flashes to making out with Rex’s brother. She hopes she did the right thing. Shirtless Rex pops up. He sees his engagement ring on her finger. Rex wonders if Sarah cheating had to happen in order for her to figure out what she wanted. That pleases Sarah. They kiss and Sarah rips off his towel. He picks her up and makes love to her on the sofa. Afterward, Sarah says she’s off to tell her mama their news.

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Sarah visits Maggie and Victor at the Kiriakis mansion.  She tells them her engagement news. “How lovely,” Victor says, “Did Xander knock you up that night?” Sarah can’t believe her mama told him. He says not to worry. He burned the sheets. Sarah says she’s marrying Rex and Victor’s maggie cries with sarah days of our livesdisgusted since he cheated on her twice. Later, Victor’s gone and Maggie worries this marriage is a bad idea. She asks if Rex knows he’s “the winner by default.” Sarah claims she’s over Eric now but Mags isn’t buying it. “You’re getting married for all the wrong reasons.” Sarah tries to disagree with that and in the end, Maggie just wants her happiness. She cries.

Rex arrives in Will’s hospital room. Roman and Kate listen as Rex says Will wasn’t poisoned. His white blood cell count is elevated so they need to run more tests and Will needs rest. Rex tells his parents that he and Sarah got engaged. They seem okay with it but not thrilled. Out by the hub, Gabi bitches about being stuck with Stefan thinking that she likes him. Brady texts her to meet and she goes. Rex reappears. He tells Sonny the news and later, Sonny goes to Will who asks what Sonny’s plans are now that he’s single. Sonny kids around about updating his Grindr app. They chuckle and kiss. Rex returns. The necklace comes off since Will’s having an MRI. The chain breaks and Will wonders if it’s an omen. Even Sonny looks worried.

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Roman and Eric discuss Will’s hospitalization at the pub and then Roman lets Eric know that Sarah accepted Rex’s proposal. Eric thinks Rex is lucky. Roman leaves and Sarah appears. She and Eric gaze at each other.

Kate finds Victor at the square. She has a business proposition for him. She’d like to return to Titan but he doesn’t trust her. “You’ll come back to Titan over my dead body.”

At the park, Gabi meets Brady who asks her to stop Stefan from putting moves on Chloe.

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