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At the SPD, Hope leaves Ted a message to call her. Ben and Ciara appear to discuss Jordan’s claim she didn’t set the first fire at the cabin. Hope muses if Jordan didn’t set the fire… She glances at Ben. Ciara snaps at her not to start this again and confirms she and Ben are back together as they leave.

At the hospital, JJ flashes to Ciara and Ben telling him Jordan didn’t set the fire, then to the lighter at the loft. Kayla asks JJ if something’s wrong. JJ tells Kayla about the coincidence of Jordan not setting the fire and seeing the lighter in Claire’s jewelry box. Kayla asks, “Are you suggesting Claire might have set that fire?” JJ just thinks it’s strange and decides he’ll talk to Claire. Talk turns to Jack and Eve – JJ doesn’t think they should get away with what they’ve done. Meanwhile, in Jordan’s room, she tells Rafe she has a baby boy in California. She left him there to keep him safe and now she’s trapped in Salem. She pleads with Rafe to bring her son back to her. Rafe agrees and promises he won’t tell anyone. Jordan sobs as he holds her.

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In a hotel suite, Claire’s irked Tripp’s going to check on his fake fiancée. Tripp’s taken aback, so she decides she’ll go with him. He doesn’t think that’s a good idea in case Eve and Jack are watching him. He vows to make it up to her and leaves.

In the park, Eve and Jack listen to the recording of Tripp and Haley’s conversation about their fake marriage plans. Jack has an idea what to do next. Eve takes a call from Claire, who needs to see her – Tripp left her thanks to her and Jack.

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Jack and Eve join Claire at the suite, who rants at them about her romantic evening being ruined. Eve coos that they’re sorry, but they had to set the groundwork, and didn’t know Tripp would run after Haley. Claire wants them to release the footage, so Haley Chen goes ‘bye-bye’ tonight. eve jack and claire scheme on days of our livesJack’s sorry, but they have a new plan. He leaves Eve with Claire. She explains they’ll wait to release the video until after Tripp and Haley have met with ICE and lied to them. Claire argues; she’s worried Tripp will fall for Haley and she’ll lose him. Eve is reminded of her daughter and tells Claire she’ll be there for her. She wonders why Claire feels she doesn’t deserve happiness. Claire flashes to holding the lighter in the cabin. Eve urges her to open up, but she won’t. Eve holds her as she sobs.

Melinda arrives at the loft and asks Haley if she thinks the marriage charade will work. Haley doesn’t have much choice since her sister wouldn’t help and doesn’t care if she’s deported.trask learns of haley's nuptials on Days of our Lives Trask insists that’s not true and is about to divulge something important when Tripp arrives. Melinda warns them ICE will be all over them and they could end up in prison. Tripp won’t cut and run like she did. Trask exits. Haley’s impressed Tripp stood up for her, but worries about Claire being upset. Tripp reassures her and decides he should stay there. They discuss JJ’s situation with Jack and Tripp realizes she cares for him. Haley still feels betrayed; they couldn’t have a future together.

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At Ben’s new house, he assures Ciara they did a sweep of the grounds and it’s safe. ciara ben kiss couch days of our livesHe worries about Hope doubting him. Ciara promises she’ll never doubt him again. She’s seen the man he truly is; that man would never have set the fire that almost killed her. Ben says no one’s ever cared about him like she does. They kiss and things turn passionate. Ben puts the brakes on – her mom will be concerned, and he has to get back to work. He thanks her again for caring and believing in him as they embrace.

At the SPD, Hope hangs up from someone she has watching Ciara as Rafe enters her office. She wants him to reopen the fire investigation. He breaks the news Jordan has another claim – she has a baby. Hope learns he promised to go find the boy and says, “No. You can’t do this.” Rafe snarks that Ted will help her hold down the fort and they bicker. Rafe finally says he’s going home to pack and will see her there.

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In the hospital, Jordan sings a lullaby to an empty blanket.

In the square, JJ encounters Jack and keeps walking.

Inside the Brady pub, Melinda looks at a photo of a young Haley and seems distraught.

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