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At the loft, JJ looks forlorn, talking to Tripp and Haley about their upcoming wedding.

At Salem Inn, Claire bemoans to Eve that Haley’s into Tripp already and she feels insecure. Eve says to stick to the plan just as Jack comes in. Eve tells him jack eve scheme days of our livesabout the green card marriage. Jack flips out. Eve assures that they can use this in his campaign. They can expose her “cheating” with JJ at the hotel. Jack agrees, but when Eve bitches about “illegals stealing our jobs,” Jack pulls a face. “She’s a nurse,” he reminds her. He’s uncomfortable doing this to family so Eve talks him into remembering his killer instinct. Jack is back on track and hugs Eve, thankful for her brilliance.

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At the hospital, Sarah reveals to Rex that she and Eric shared a kiss. Rex is astounded that his own brother went after the woman he loves. He grabs Eric until Sarah gets between them and admits she kissed Eric but he made it clear that he had no romantic interest in her. Rex asks why she’s confessing. Sarah tells him about Brady’s blackmail. Once Eric’s gone, Sarah explains how they bonded. Now that she knows they have no connection, she can put that behind her and focus on Rex. Rex asks if that’s what she wants.

At the pub, Hope and Jenn talk about man troubles. jenn learns ted kissed hope days of our livesHope shares that upon Rafe’s return from Europe, Rafe was upset to learn Ted was there for her. Jenn can understand. Ted’s handsome and accomplished. Hope reveals Ted kissed her. Jennifer leans in, shocked. No wonder Rafe has an issue with Ted. Hope reveals she hasn’t told him yet. Jennifer raises an eyebrow. Did she enjoy it? Hope’s quick to deny.

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Rafe’s annoyed to find Ted at SPD. Ted apologizes abe wants answers days of our livesfor busting up his evening but it was his responsibility to update the commissioner on the situation. He suggests Rafe take her to a nicer venue next time. Rafe glares and tells him to stay out of his marriage. Abe appears and can sense the tension. He pulls Rafe into the interrogation room and asks what’s up. Does Laurent have skeletons in his closet? Rafe doesn’t think Abe had all the facts when he hired Ted.

Claire arrives at the loft. Tripp wants her and JJ to listen to their fake backstory. Claire doesn’t find them convincing. They need to take talk of engagement online. JJ agrees. Tripp asks her for a ring. Claire digs out her jewelry box and fantasizes that she’s threatening Haley with the lighter she used to burn the cabin down. She grins and hands Tripp a ring. JJ offers to light candles with the lighter from her jewelry box. Claire has a fit and says it doesn’t work. She goes live and records Tripp proposing to Haley. Haley says yes and they kiss. Claire yells, “Cut! Cut! That’s enough!” She grins, trying to hide her anger. She posts the video.

Ted approaches Hope and Jenn’s table at the pub. Jenn goes to take a call and Ted sits. He brings up Rafe and Abe having their heads together at work which makes Hope uneasy. She dashes back to the office. Ted reels. Jenn returns and brings up Ted kissing Hope. Ted doesn’t think the kiss would have happened if Rafe was treating her right. Jenn tells him to stay out of her cousin’s marriage.

Hope arrives at SPD. Abe thought he could count on her. hope upset abe angry with her days of our livesHe didn’t know what Ted Laurent did to Sonny and Will. She encouraged him to make a blackmailer the DA of Salem. “You may have just caused me the election,” he gripes.

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At Salem Inn, Eve and Jack chuckle as they watch the engagement video online. Eve reserves a room that they can use to catch Tripp “cheating” on Haley.

Back at the loft, Tripp’s happy JJ is his best man. It’ll sell the wedding. Meanwhile, in private, Haley gushes her appreciation to Claire but Claire narrows her eyes and tells Haley she’s fine with this but to keep her hands off her man. Later, Claire suggests they get a room at Salem Inn where he can show her how grateful he is of her help. Tripp says they can’t.

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Outside the pub, Abe bumps into Ted and snipes at him.

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