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Ciara shows up at the DiMera manse incognito in an overcoat and big floppy hat. Ben says she shouldn’t be here. When he can’t hold the coffee she gives him, she forces him to go with her to the hospital to check on the cut on his hand. Inside, Stefan brings Chloe room service. He asks about her kiss with Brady. This makes Chloe feel pressured. Stefan is not pressuring her but just wants to know where he stands. Chloe says they’ve history and a connection and she felt something when Brady kissed her. Stefan asks what she felt when he kissed her. “It was nice,” she tells him. Very nice.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny hands Leo over annulment papers to sign. He even included a payoff. Leo laughs when he sees it and says, “Hell no.” He tells Sonny that they’re family – he’s John’s son. Sonny knows nobody cares.

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Will visits Marlena at the hospital. They discuss how delusional Diana is and Will is bowled over to learn Leo’s not John’s son. He assumes Brady’s happy but Brady’s distracted about that kiss with Chloe so he takes off for coffee. Once outside he spots rex cares for ben hand days of our livesEric thanking Sarah for saving his mother’s life. Eric goes to visit Marlena who likes his new haircut. Will goes and mother and son discuss Sarah’s kiss and how Eric lied about having no feelings for her. Marlena asks why he lied. “Because of you,” he reveals. Eric tells her about his bartering with God. Marlena doesn’t believe in that since she’s a woman of science. Outside, Brady approaches Sarah and calls her and Eric two magnets that can’t resist the pull. Sarah snipes that this is none of his business. Brady tells her about Eric’s penchant for his brother’s women and Sarah snaps that Eric’s not into her and he should stay out of this. He should get his own life. Brady insists he has someone he’s into and Sarah guesses it’s Chloe. Brady says it’s true. He fills her in on the drug lords after Chloe and how Stefan wants her. Sarah assumes he’s taking his frustration with Chloe out on them. Brady denies that. They rehash Chloe getting full custody of Holly and Sarah raises her voice. brady and eric talk sarah days of our livesMeanwhile, Ciara and Ben meet with Dr. Rex Brady and Ciara speaks for Ben, telling the doctor how Ben came to cut his hand. Rex takes one look and calls it infected. There may be glass shards inside. Ben’s annoyed. He just wants to go back to work. Rex removes glass shards and since he’s running a low-grade fever, he needs an IV drip. Ciara says ‘I told ya so’ and admits she was a candy striper years ago. Ben assumes she was hot in uniform. He falls asleep and she takes a call from her mom who heard she was at the DiMera mansion today. Ciara reveals Ben needed medical help because of a cut on his hand. They disconnect and Ciara takes off Ben’s shoes, vowing to care for him. Rex rushes up and berates them for yelling at each other. Later, Brady confronts Eric about making ‘goo goo’ eyes at Sarah.

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Will interrupts Leo begging Sonny for more money at the Kiriakis mansion and fills leo has it out with wilson days of our livesSonny in on Leo not being John’s son after all. It means he has no leverage and Sonny now calls the shots. It takes convincing but Sonny agrees and gives Leo one more chance to sign the agreement. Leo reluctantly signs as Will gloats. He witnesses and afterward, Leo stares at Will. “I’m giving you the evil eye. You are now officially cursed,” he deadpans. He read about it in one of Victor’s books. He thinks the evil eye will mean that Will is going to get a headache and then afterward, his life will start to fall apart. Leo goes and Sonny shakes his head and calls Leo a bitch. He knows Will’s not cursed. They celebrate Sonny’s freedom with a kiss. Sonny leaves the room and returns with a necklace to ward off effects from the evil eye. Sonny suggests sex but suddenly, Will gets a headache. Sonny gets “Asprin.” Once he returns, Will is passed out on the floor, unresponsive.

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