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Leo stops Diana outside the pub to tell her Marlena flatlined. Diana mutters that it’s terrible but Leo wonders if this is what she wanted. Diana loves John but accepts that his heart belongs to Marlena. Leo accuses her of acting. He rants diana and leo unhappy pub days of our livesabout Richard not being his real father and her keeping it from him. She disgusts him. He says John seemed genuinely happy that they’re father and son. Diana smiles. Now he knows she’s not lying. Leo snarks that she always makes everything about her. They head back to the hospital together.

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At the hospital, John is beside himself with grief when Kayla can’t bring Marlena back to life. John holds a dead Marlena in his arms and sobs that he wants to go with her. Marlena’s monitor shows a heartbeat and Kayla and Sarah are incredulous. Eventually, Marlena opens her eyes and everyone laughs with relief. They explain that her heart stopped. Sarah runs to tell the family the good news. Outside, Rex supports Brady. He says Marlena’s always been good to him. He assumes Brady would rather Eric was with him sarah and eric chapel on days of our livesbut Brady denies that. “The guy’s a dog.” Brady warns that he’ll burn Rex. Meanwhile, in the chapel, Eric prays to God and then vows to stay away from the woman his brother loves if he lets Marlena live. Sarah appears and tells him his mother’s awake and alert. He’s happy. They discuss the kiss. Sarah talks about not accepting Rex’s proposal because she’s falling for him. Eric acts coy. Back in Marlena’s room, Kayla finishes examining Marlena and calls her a lucky woman. Kayla gives them space and Marlena says the last thing she remembers is eating cookies in her office. John says they were laced with penicillin. By the hub, Kayla tells Rex and Brady about Marlena flatlining and coming back to them. When Eli turns up, Kayla tells him there was a hold in Marlena’s IV. She assumes Kristen DiMera returned to finish the job. Brady appears just as Marlena is told Kristen poisoned her. Brady hugs his mother, grateful she’s alive. Marlena says she’d never leave her family. Back at the chapel, Sarah explains to Eric that she dreamed about him and it made it clear they could be good together. Eric calls her one of the kindest friends he’s had in a long time. Sarah balks – that’s all she is to him? Eric says that’s what he needs right now – friendship. He’s sorry if he misled her. Sarah’s hurt and embarrassed. Eric says Rex will never find out about that kiss, just as Rex walks up. He tells Eric how happy he is that his mother came back to them and takes Sarah away. Later, Diana and Leo turn up. Brady tells them about Marlena pulling through. Diana’s eyes widen. She has food for John but Brady is going to the pub to get his favorites and invites Leo. Eli goes to Marlena, happy to see her. He checked security cameras and didn’t find Kristen. Marlena calls her a master of disguise. Later, Eli’s gone and John and Marlena canoodle. John goes while Eric appears and visits. Eric says God answered his prayers. Marlena demands that she and Brady make up. Eric vows never to come between his brothers and anyone they love.

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An angry Ciara stomps into the DiMera mansion and says if he’s working for Stefan, he’s scum, just like the DiMera. Ben says she’s got it all wrong. He’s a bodyguard to Chloe Lane and her two kids. He feels like he’s making a difference for them. Ciara paces and calls herself a jackass for jumping to conclusions. She’s sorry. Ben understands. He talks about being unsure he won’t ben and ciara at manse days of our livesbecome an abuser like Clyde. Ciara says that may not happen and she can’t imagine life without him. He says she brought out the best in him. They move closer and Ben pulls away since he has no guarantee. Ciara sits with him and tells him she didn’t have a normal life either. Her dad was always away on secret assignments on ISA business and when he returned, he had cancer. He died a month later and it drove her mom crazy. She wound up in prison. Ben’s sorry. She talks about Chase raping her. She worries Ben’s not into her. He says that’s untrue and kisses her. He breaks away – that doesn’t mean he thinks they should be together. Suddenly, a shot fires through the patio doors. Ben drags Ciara under him as they hide.

At the pub, Leo and Brady have lunch and Leo says if he proves himself, will Brady rehire him at Titan? He really liked working there. Brady agrees to consider it. Leo thanks him for being so decent to him. He goes outside and messages Stefan to meet, while Brady calls Gabi and thanks her for tipping him off about Leo spying for Stefan. He says to call him back. He wants to tell her all about the trap he set for her.

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Diana goes back to the hospital and tells John she’s glad Marlena is out of crisis. She asks if they’ve found the culprit who did this and John says they’re trying to get prints off of her IV bag. He goes, leaving Diana’s eyes to bug out in concern, worried she’ll be found out.

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