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At Doug’s Place, Julie’s overwhelmed since Chloe’s got the day off, so Ciara helps her grandmother get the place ready for the evening. They discuss the traumatic incident with Jordan until Ciara stops Julie out of discomfort. She reveals she and Ben broke up and the reason why, that he doesn’t feel deserving of love and respect. She worries he’ll become the monster he thinks he already is. Julie thinks Ciara’s better off without him since he’s a serial killer. julie ciara fold napkins days of our livesCiara calls her a hypocrite, reminding her that Abigail killed Andre and hurt many others. She’s cured now. Maybe Ben can be. Julie comments that she reminds her of her parents who always rooted for the underdog. Julie worries if Ben has a relapse and Ciara’s hurt. Ciara says it’ll never happen. He quit working for Stefan for her. Julie informs that he’s working for him again. Ciara’s surprised but understands. Julie wonders if being around Stefan will drive Ben into a downward spiral.

At the DiMera manse, Leo invites Ben out for a drink but he’s straight. Leo knows. He just thought they’d hang. He says goodbye to “Big, beautiful Ben,” and goes. Ben finds Stefan and is assured that it was okay to let Leo in, even though the guy is annoying. Stefan tells him to go take a break but Ben has nowhere else to be. He opens up about the break up between him and Ciara and his concerns about the darkness inside him. Stefan thinks he’s been reading too many Incredible Hulk comics. Ben counters that he has his father’s sadistic blood in his veins. Stefan understands that fear since he’s Stefano’s son. He thinks they can break the cycle and be decent people with love in their lives. Stefan goes and Ben asks Stefano’s portrait if Stefan is right. He’s not sure he can condemn Ciara to a life of fear like his mother had with his father. Ciara arrives.

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At the hospital, Diana hangs over John, claiming she’s there to comfort him. Kayla allows John to see Marlena while Diana goes to get him some food. She secretly hopes Marlena’s dead by the time she returns. Meanwhile, Brady catches Eric kissing Sarah at the chapel. Brady says it looks like history is repeating itself and he’s yet again moving in on one of his brother’s women. Rex appears and Brady tells everyone that Kristen DiMera is alive, according to Nurse Shelley. Brady explains how she was forced to let her into Marlena’s office and the pharmacy. The men go to the hub, leaving Rex with Sarah. Rex assumes Sarah was a comfort to Eric but she’s not so sure. Rex admits what Brady told him about Ericrex eric and brady hospital days of our lives coming on to his women. Sarah defends Eric who she claims would never do that with her. He’s encouraged her to accept Rex’s proposal though she hasn’t. Rex is hopeful. In Marlena’s room, John and Kayla visit. John blames himself for “Kristen” putting her there. Kayla soothes his concerns. She goes and he cries. Leo knocks and John lets him in. They discuss how Marlena’s stable. Leo knows he’s focused on Marlena but asks after the test results. John confesses he’s Leo’s dad. Leo’s mouth drops open and he hugs him, surprising John. John appreciates the hug. Leo thinks his life would have been different had he known about this before. John says they’ll make up for lost time once Doc is better. Leo suggests Diana did this to Marlena since she has a thing for John. They were damaged by Richard. She’s capable of killing John’s wife. He touches on her blaming him for killing Richard then gets upset when John starts asking questions. He changes gears and asks about John’s life. He guesses that John loves baseball. Marlena’s monitor beeps and John yells. Kayla runs in. Outside the room, Kayla notices tension between Eric and Brady. She goes to tell John they’re there and Brady can’t believe Eric is once again going after one of his brother’s women. Eric claims it’s not what it seems. He’s not pursuing Sarah. Eric asks him to keep this secret. Later, Sarah’s called to Marlena’s room. Rex rushes behind her and while she’s in with Marlena, trying to revive her, Rex asks Brady and Eric to pull together for Doc. Meanwhile, Kayla can’t get Marlena’s heart started and tells John how sorry she is.

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At the pub, Diana waits for John’s meal and curses waiting fjohn kissing diana days of our livesor Marlena to die already. She fantasizes that she’s in Marlena’s hospital room and John’s crying over Doc’s body. He says Marlena wants him to move on with her. They kiss passionately and Diana sighs. She leaves with John’s meal as Leo pops up to tell her that he just left John – Marlena has flatlined. Diana acts upset but he knows she did this.

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