brady catches eric kissing sarah on days of our lives

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In the hospital chapel, Eric and Sarah hold hands and pray together. Sarah’s uncomfortable admitting she’s not sure she believes in God or prayer. Eric reveals why he’s not a priest anymore and summarizes how Kristen drugged him, had sex with him on tape and that it was shown during Brady’s wedding to her. Sarah’s shocked. Eric asks if she’s accepted his brother’s proposal. Sarah looks away. By the hub, John explains to Brady that Leo really is his son. Kayla appears. She thinks Shelley Santos tried to poison Doc since she was the one to have access to the pharmacy and Marlena’s office. Meanwhile, Diana paces Marlena’s room and vows to finish the job she started. Nurse Shelley appears and reveals she knows Diana tried to kill Dr. Evans. Diana denies it. Shelley doesn’t even think Diana’s a reporter. eric prays for marlena on days of our livesDiana blames Nurse Haley Chen, reminding Shelley of how “dangerous these illegal aliens can be.” Shelley doubts Haley had anything to do with this. Diana grins. Her keycard is the one that was used to access Marlena’s office and the pharmacy. Shelley’s aghast. She’d never hurt Dr. Evans. Diana shrugs. It’s Shelley’s word against hers and she’s had her own run-ins with the authorities and insubordination. Dr. Johnson even reported her for bad mouthing the hospital. Diana says there’s another person they can blame…Later, Shelley appears and John demands to know why she attempted to kill his wife. Shelley blames the woman who asked to use her key card. Kristen DiMera. She saw her yesterday and threatened her life if she didn’t do as she asked. Shelley lies that she was terrified and begs for forgiveness. John calls the cops to track Kristen down before Marlena’s wheeled out after the tests are done, while in Doc’s room, Diana takes out a vial and thinks the third time is the trick.

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At the DiMera mansion, Stefan finds Gabi’s new throw pillow “ugly with a capital U.” Gabi has put a lot of energy into this collection and is angry that he’s blowing her off and eating during their business meeting. Gabi calls him out on inviting Chloe to live with him because he’s hot for her. Stefan thinks she’s jealous. They get back to work and Stefan stefan argues gabi over gabi chic on days of our livesrepeats he hates the pillow and The Complete Gabi Home Selection. Gabi threatens to call Chin and they fight over her cell phone until it cracks. They argue some more and Gabi starts hitting him with her pillow until Stefan laughs uncontrollably. In walks Leo who notices the sexual tension and comments on it. Gabi scoffs. She hates Stefan. Stefan winks at Leo and agrees Gabi wants him. Leo notices the pillow as the one Gabi used to cover his privates. Stefan drops it and Gabi clarifies that she had that one burned. Leo says the hottie at the door – Ben – let him in. He has a proposition for Stefan. He has dirt on Titan and will give it even if he has to go head-to-head with his brother Brady. Gabi and Stefan react with raised eyebrows. Leo explains John had a DNA test done and he’s positive it’ll turn out that he’s “half Black.” Stefan says if he can bring him something with value he may be interested. Leo goes and Gabi calls him an idiot for letting Leo play him.

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Chloe visits Rex with treats at Eric’s. He’s fresh from the shower and she can’t help but notice his muscular chest. She brought him cookies as a thank-you for helping her with Brady’s goon. He asks how she’s doing and she states that she’s fine. rex shirtless at door on days of our livesHe almost loses his towel when he grabs a cookie, then runs to dress. Later, he fills Chloe in on Brady admitting that Eric stole the woman he loved and hoped Eric wouldn’t do the same to him. Chloe doesn’t think it’ll happen after what happened with Brady.

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Chloe returns home as Gabi leaves. She calls Brady with information…

Back at the hospital, Eric thinks Sarah should trust Rex but she wonders if he should trust her. Eric assumes she’s talking about sex with Xander but Sarah says no, and then takes Eric in a passionate kiss, just as Brady walks in. He comments on history repeating itself. Rex appears and upon noticing the tension, asks what’s going on. By the hub, Diana moves in on John, asking if he needs support.

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