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Leo watches Brady sleeping and thinks to himself that it’s too bad. He wakes Brady up and confides that they’re brothers. Brady thinks he’s dreaming and kicks Leo out. Leo explains the story of how Diana and John dated years ago and left Salem pregnant and that John just ran a DNA test. leo tells brady they're brothers on days of our livesLeo asks his brother for a job at Titan. Brady refuses because of what he’s done to Sonny. Leo shrugs it off calling it ancient history. Brady accuses him of being desperate, knowing his lavish lifestyle is coming to a halt. He’s not getting pity, even if they do share a father. Leo goes. Downstairs, JJ visits his uncle Justin and talks to him about Haley, blaming himself for her being turned in. He asks Justin to help keep Haley out of jail then rants about Jack’s betrayal. Justin knows Jack’s not himself right now. He’s no immigration lawyer and isn’t sure he should get involved.

Tripp returns to the loft from the police station to tell Claire that it’s unfair that Haley is in jail. How did they even know she was there? Claire flashes to calling Eve on the sly to notify her then blames Ciara. Tripp doubts she’d do this. Ciara strolls in and Tripp asks if she tipped the cops off about Haley. She denies it. She was with her mom all night and assumes Claire did it. Claire denies that and then blames the lady down the hall, Miss Carnie. Tripp believes her, especially when she admits the lady hates her for playing her music loud. She agrees to call her mother again to ask if she can help Hailey. Once she’s gone, Ciara admits she didn’t buy Claire’s story that it was Miss Carnie who turned Haley in. Ciara assumes Claire’s insecure around Haley who is pretty and asks Tripp to keep his eyes wide open.

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At SPD, Eli tells Haley she may be facing a murder charge now because Marlena was poisoned with penicillin laced-cookies – from Haley. Haley calls that terrible and impossible. She didn’t give the psychiatrist any cookies. Eli shows her the note and she gasps. That’s not even her handwriting! Eli thinks Haley was angry that Dr. Evans betrayed her but Haley yells that it’s not true. She respects Dr. Evans. Later, JJ and Justin arrive.

In Marlena’s room at the hospital, Diana finds John alone and devastated. diana sees john at hospital on days of our livesShe asks if his wife is dead. John says she’s having some tests run. He explains what happened and Diana acts dismayed but flashes to injecting the macarons with penicillin. By the hub, Will and Sonny have come from a service in the chapel. They agree Uncle Eric did a great job. Will’s glad Sonny’s there for him. Later, Eli arrives at Marlena’s room and tells John that Haley seemed genuinely upset about Marlena and denied poisoning her. John recalls Kristen DiMera doing the same thing years ago. Diana looks away. Eli goes and Diana offers to be there for John. They discuss Leo and John breaking into her safe. She’s not angry. She heard about the DNA test. John reveals he’s Leo’s father and how Leo knows. Diana understands. He runs off to find Marlena and runs into Brady. They go find Marlena and then discuss Leo’s claim that they’re brothers. John sets him straight and explains the situation. Meanwhile, in Marlena’s room, Diana knows she needs to finish off Marlena.

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Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Will have it out with Leo about not being a threat any longer. Sonny’s thrilled they can finally divorce. Leo wants to keep things the way they are. Will and Sonny try to kick him out but Leo has news – he might be John’s son. Will’s overwhelmed. Leo shares the story, calling them family – he’s uncle Leo and he’s going nowhere! He bounces off.

Eli returns to SPD and Haley agrees to use Justin as her lawyer when she’s told she needs to go to court.

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