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After one of the craziest ER shifts at the hospital, Sarah and Kayla drink coffee. Kayla appreciates her work and she hopes with Rex coming aboard, it’ll lighten their load. Sarah had no idea he applied for an attending position. sarah learns rex is working at the hospital on daysShe frowns. Kayla assumed she knew. They discuss Sarah and Rex’s tumultuous relationship. Kayla tells her not to rush into anything she’s uncomfortable with. Meanwhile, John finds Marlena unconscious on the floor of her office. He starts chest compressions and urges her to come back to him. His yells bring Kayla and Sarah. They care for Marlena and set her up in a room. They realize she’s in anaphylactic shock from an allergic reaction. John shares that Marlena’s allergic to penicillin but he can’t imagine how she could have come in contact with any.

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At Eric’s, Rex treats Eric to his homemade chili and shares that he might have a job at the hospital.  Brady turns up to bitch about Holly living with Stefan DiMera. He enlists Eric’s help in getting her out of there before Stefan ruins their lives. Rex thinks it sounds like Brady wants a relationship with Chloe and thinks he should butt out. Brady’s surprised so Rex explains that he was almost involved in a shoot-out at Doug’s Place because Brady didn’t tell Chloe about her bodyguard. Eric agrees, then blames Brady for Chloe feeling the need to live with DiMera. The brothers argue over past misdeeds until Eric gives Brady the boot. Brady warns that Eric has the tendency to go after his brother’s women. “I sure hope it doesn’t happen to you.”

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan makes a move on Chloe. He wants to get back to their kiss but Holly’s scream shocks Chloe into rushing up the stairs. She brings the little girl down and looks shaken up. Stefan vows to protect them all. Chloe gets the tyke juice and tells Stefan that Holly misses her mama. Stefan shows Holly a photo of Charlotte and says she was his little girl once but though he doesn’t get to see her, she’s in his heart. He shows her how to sign the words love, magic and heaven and instructs her to think of that when she thinks of her mom. Later, when Holly’s in bed, Chloe and Stefan bond over being in orphanages. Chloe thinks he’d make a good father. He again wants to go back to kissing her but it’s been a long day so she kisses his cheek and goes to bed alone.

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Sonny paces the Kiriakis mansion as sonny and will sex on daysWill shows up to tell him the good news, that John got Leo to recant his statement to the DA. Both men are thrilled that they’re free and share a hard kiss. Sonny makes a call and learns the charges are definitely dropped. Will says nothing is going to come between them. They kiss again and go to bed to make love. Afterward, Sonny wonders where Leo is. Will doesn’t care. They’ve more important things to take care of. John calls and they learn the news about Marlena and rush off.

Diana arrives at Salem Inn, crushed Leo’s holding the envelope. He knows it contains proof that he killed Richard Cooper. He asks if Richard was his father or if John Black is. Leo explains what went down between him and John and yells about how she allowed Richard to ruin his life. Diana confesses John is his father. Leo struggles to make sense of why she put him through the horrors of his childhood. He wonders if she’s still lying. She admits she still loves John and would do anything to be with him. diana admits john's leo's dad on daysBut she never intended on anyone ever finding out that Leo killed Richard. She takes full responsibility for his upbringing. Leo feels he has nobody, now. Diana says they both have the right to be happy. Neither will stop until they are.

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Back at the hospital, Sarah calls Eric to tell him to get to the hospital as his mother has taken ill. Brady and Rex follow him out. In Marlena’s room, Kayla has stabilized Marlena. John can’t believe they’re right back in this position and talks to his wife about coming back to him. He kisses her. Eric and Brady appear at the hub and Sarah fills them in. Rex appears and sees Eric hugging Sarah. Sarah comments on Rex applying for a job there while Brady and Eric head to see Marlena. In Marlena’s room, Brady and Eric visit their mother and vow to try to get along for her sake. John and Kayla go to Marlena’s office and find the macarons “from Haley.” Kay decides to send them to the lab. She hands over Leo’s paternity test results. John learns that it’s a 99.99 % match. Leo’s his son.

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