ciara and ben break up

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Claire brings her jewelry box into the living room at the loft and fondles a black Zippo lighter. She flashes to finding it in the cabin before using it to burn the place down. Tripp arrives and she hides it. He quizzes her on what she has. She covers and says she heard that Haley’s “illegal.” Tripp Googles the news and is worried for Haley. Claire couldn’t care less and blames Haley for breaking the law in the first place. Tripp laughs, finding that “hilarious coming from you.” He reminds her she cheated at the Bella contest. They argue. He refuses to judge her until he hears the whole story. Claire understands. They make up and later, Tripp finds the lighter and questions Claire.

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From the hospital, Ciara’s on a call with Hope who is at Bayview with Jordan. She tells her to ensure she can’t be released. Ben approaches. Meanwhile, kayla discusses haley immigration issuesKayla lets Haley into her office. Haley apologizes for lying on her job application and using fake ID. Kayla saw the mayoral debate. Haley hands over her files on her current patients. Kayla calls her a good nurse and assumes this situation was the reason for her suicide attempt. Haley nods and starts to cry. Kayla holds her close. She talks about her sister and JJ and feeling betrayed. Kay advocates for JJ but that’s not what Haley wants to hear. She’s terrified to be deported to a country that doesn’t value females. Kayla tries to think of ways to keep her there, thinking her family probably came to USA illegally back in the day. In Ciara’s room, Ben calls himself an animal. He would have killed his sister if Rafe hadn’t have stopped him. Ciara denies that he’s that same person. She blames Clyde for all of this. Ben wonders if he set the fire. He wants to disappear so he won’t hurt anyone. Ciara tries to get him to see that she believes in him but Ben believes the best thing is if they broke up.

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Lani hugs Eli at the police station. melinda talks to cops about haleyThey have to take one of Rafe’s cases on to pick up Haley Chin. The feds are too busy to do it. Melinda strides in and Eli and Lani question her. She admits to lying about not being Haley’s sister but pretends she had no idea her sister wasn’t in the country legally. She prompts them to take this up with her.

Jennifer visits JJ and gets the truth out of him jj and jenn discuss jack and haleyabout Haley and how Jack betrayed him. JJ wishes he would have told her instead. Jenn says Eve must have been the one to find out Melinda was Haley’s sister. They’re both horrified at Eve’s actions but Jenn points out Jack is to blame, too. He wasn’t perfect before his death but she wonders if Rolf bringing him back changed him. JJ admits Jack professed to love him. Jenn muses that he must have been trying to protect him then. Eli and Lani arrive to arrest Haley. JJ has no information for them. They need him to stay out of this but hope that Melinda can stop Haley from being deported. Later, JJ leaves Haley a message about the visit from the cops. He runs to find her.

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At Salem Inn, Jack flashes to having words with JJ about his betrayal and then Jennifer’s disappointment. Eve hugs him, saying what they did was best for JJ. Jack thinks he did what was best for her, not his son. Eve’s sorry if it strained their relationship. Jack clarifies that his son hates him now and bemoans outing Haley publically. Eve defends him. They make out wildly until Melinda shows up to yell at Jack for tanking her campaign. Jack and Eve tell her to blame herself. Neither understands why she kept Haley’s immigration status a secret. She won’t be mayor now and assumes he’ll announce his candidacy. She’ll be voting for the lesser of two evils – Abe Carver. Later, Jack asks Eve to become his campaign manager. Jenn arrives, incensed that the cops are ready to arrest Haley. She explodes at both Jack and Eve.

Lani and Eli arrive at the hospital and ask Kayla where Haley is,while JJ finds Haley at the hub and informs her that she’s about to be arrested.

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