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Stefan picks up the newspaper from outside his mansion as someone watches. He heads inside to play chess with Chloe. Glass breaks and Stefan gets a gun from the desk and investigates. He finds Gabi who broke an expensive vase in the foyer. Chloe gives them space and Stefan says Gabi has no business there. A call comes in and Gabs urges him to take it. It’s Mr. Chin, who demands to know if firing Gabi was due to personal issues. Stefan denies it and disconnects, angry. Gabi grins. Stefan calls her a “scheming bitch” and she tries to slap him as Chloe reappears, eyes wide. She interrupts. Gabi reassure her that they’re fine. She’ll see Stefan at the office. She plans on telling Mr. Chin about this conversation, then says, “Hashtag me too.” She goes and Stefan explains the situation. Chloe massages him while someone watches from outside.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Diana and Victor shake on brady and sonny agree to confront victheir deal and Brady catches Sonny eavesdropping. Brady’s glad he’s home and asks what’s being said in the lounge. Sonny whispers about Uncle Vic and the shark making a deal. They agree to ask Vic outright what’s up. Inside the lounge, Diana’s pleased. Victor owes her. She leaves and Victor calls Marlena.

At the square, Marlena’s shocked that John’s defending Leo. He has a good reason. He flashes to Diana asking him to keep their secret and says he’s only diffusing the situation. He thinks it’s important Will walk away especially now. Leo thanks John, ‘the silver fox’ for sticking up for him. “You’re not so bad after all.” He goes and Will snaps at John for his disloyalty. He leaves and John laments that this didn’t go well. Marlena is sorry she lost it with Leo. Marlena answers Victor’s call and they agree to meet at his place. Before she goes, John tells Marlena that the reason he defended Leo was because of his abusive father. Marlena loves his compassion. They kiss and she goes.

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At the hospital, Rex gets down on one kneerex proposes to sarah and proposes to Sarah as Eric watches, awkwardly. She’s not sure what to say so he coaches her to say yes. Sarah’s sorry but she turns him down. Eric takes off and they head to a room. Sarah calls Rex’s proposal romantic and sweet but too public. She doesn’t want to flaunt their happiness in Eric’s face. Rex is flabbergasted. Eric’s an adult who knows they’re in love. Rex assumes she told Eric about her trust issues. He thought this was a way to prove himself. Sarah appreciates his sincerity but she needs time.

Eric finds Will at the pub. They hug. Eric’s happy Will’swill and eric discuss rex out on bail. Will is too but is sad that he’s not allowed to be around Sonny. He tells his uncle about what happened with Leo and Marlena. Talk turns to Rex proposing to Sarah who isn’t ready. They both feel bad but Will suggests Uncle Rex isn’t the right guy for her. Rex appears and Will goes. Rex explains what happened after Eric left. Rex won’t give up on her. Eric advises to give Sarah space. Rex asks Eric to be his advocate.

Back at the mansion, Sonny and Brady confront Victor. He confesses Diana agreed to get rid of Leo if he made it worth her while. Marlena arrives before he says more. Brady and Sonny leave them alone and Brady leaves while Sonny calls Will with a heads up about the meeting. In the lounge, Victor reveals John’s Leo’s father.

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Leo goes to confront his mom at Salem Inn about her visit with Vic. He threatens that she’d better not mess up his plans. Diana reminds him she has proof he killed his father. She tells him to get out and clean up his mess. “Go on, beat it,” she says. Once he’s gone, John appears. He wants to be a part of his son’s life. Diana thinks that’d be a disaster.

Gabi rushes to the square to meet Brady. Their plan worked.gabi and brady team up She’s in! Brady thinks now is a good time to team up. Gabi says, “We’ll see,” then runs off.

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