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From Marlena’s office, she talks Sami out of jumping on a plane to be there for Will who was arrested. She needs to be there when EJ’s specialist flies in. Marlena will see to Will. Later, Eric arrives with a flyer for the center. He’s tired from hearing Rex and Sarah’s lovemaking all night. Marlena asks what he plans on doing about it. Eric doesn’t want to discuss this but Marlena pushes him to consider his own happiness. Eric doesn’t want to cross that line with Sarah. Marlena wants him to tell his brother the truth.

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Shirtless Leo heads into the Kiriakis lounge and Vleo looking nasty because of victorictor informs him that he’s moving out. He barks at Leo to put clothes on. He’s tired of Leo hitting on every man in the house.

From her room at Salem Inn, Diana reads news about Sonny and Will and Leo and wishes she hadn’t sold her paper to Jack Deveraux. John arrives. They get into it about the boys, then the past. Diana laments leaving him the way she did. John’s sorry but Diana blames herself. John says there’s room in his life for Leo and he needs to tell Marlena the truth. Diana begs for more time to get through to their son to drop the charges first. John agrees to it. Diana looks thrilled in his embrace.

Justin arrives at Salem Police Department, angry with Will sonny and will kiss hardand Sonny for spilling all to the police without him. Now they look guiltier than ever. Will’s shocked that Ted Laurent is the interim DA. Since he was in on it with Leo, he knows that they’re innocent. Justin knows he’ll keep quiet. He’s not optimistic that he can win this case. Later, they return to the interrogation room from their hearing, happy they got bail. Justin yells at them for allowing Gabi to tie him up on Valentine’s Day. Shoving their love in his face is making things worse – Leo’s unstable and now has a corrupt DA on his side. They’re not to have contact at all.

In bed at Eric’s, Sarah dreams that Eric is kissing her in bed. rex kisses sarah in bedRex wakes her up. She turns away when he tries to kiss her, then tells him about her wrongful suspicions that he had sex with Marci last Valentine’s Day. Rex plans on proving that she’s the only woman for him. They kiss.

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Back at the hospital, Eric and Marlena are happy to hear Will is out on bail. Later, Eric finds Sarah working and tells her he had a great night getting to know her.

Diana arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor kicks both her and Leo out. Diana tells Leo to leave them alone and Vic snipes at Diana that she put Leo up to this out of revenge. Diana says she’s still in love with John and will make this Leo mess go away if he helps her get John back.

In the park, Justin and Sonny talk about the case, heatedly. Sonny doesn’t want to lose more time with Will. He’d rather go on the run. Justin’s pissed. He just got them out of jail, convincing the judge they’re not a flight risk.

At the square, Leo finds Will and lashes out at him for sharing a bed with his husband. Will shrugs. Nobody wants to share Leo’s bed. Leo shoves Will and Marlena rushes up and gets between them. She defends her grandson but knows Leo had a difficult life but it doesn’t mean he can behave this way. Leo snorts, “Are you for real?” He tells Marlena to shut up and Will raises his voice, telling him not to speak to his grandma that way. When Leo accuses him of having some sort of oedipal complex, Will punches him out. Marlena yelps. Leo goes after Will and Marlena grabs him.

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At the pub, Roman and John discuss Will and Sonny getting bailedroman gives john advice about his son out of jail. John is antsy to tell Doc about Leo but Diana thinks Leo will become more of a loose cannon and wants to try to get him to drop his vendetta first. John feels for Leo and reveals the abuse at his step-father’s hand. Roman winces. He’s sure that he’ll build a relationship with his son when the time comes. John goes as Rex walks in. They talk about how well Kate’s doing and Rex confesses to his father about breaking Sarah’s trust. He asks for his help.

Back at the square, marlena surprised john defends leoJohn runs in just as Marlena’s about to hurt Leo. He defends Leo, causing everyone to gasp.

At the hospital, as Eric’s about to reveal his feelings for Sarah, Rex shows up with flowers, doughnuts and balloons. He gets down on one knee and proposes.

Back at the mansion, Sonny eavesdrops as Victor agrees to Diana’s deal.

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