JJ and Haley makeout Days
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In the park, Haley assures Melinda that they can trust JJ. The DA assures her she will find a way to get her the right papers after she wins the election. Eve eavesdrops.

Claire drops by the restaurant to see Tripp. When he mentions Haley, she starts quizzing him. He assures her he’s not interested in anyone else. She wants to take pie to Ciara. When he walks off to clock out, Melinda wanders by and hands her some election flyers. Claire puts them in the trash.

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Jack and JJ discuss Haley DaysAt the pub, Jack warns JJ to stay away from Haley because of her immigration status. JJ insists it’s fine if they keep quiet. Jack is worried that Haley is using his son. JJ thinks that’s rich coming from someone shacked up with Eve. Jack gets a text from Eve and shares a difficult moment with his son before he leaves.

Ben visits Ciara DaysAt the hospital, Ciara talks to her mom over the phone and tells her she can go home soon. They discuss Ben and Jordan being in custody. Ciara asks her mom to admit she’s been wrong about him. When Ciara gets off the line, Ben arrives with flowers. He suggests she go to her mom’s place, not the loft. Ben admits he’s in shock from nearly killing his sister. Claire sets fire DaysHe didn’t think he was that guy anymore and is scared. After he leaves, Claire and Tripp come by with pie and the blonde tells Ciara they are together again. She hopes they can all be friends. Ciara forgives her and they hug. They discuss Ben saving her life. Tripp wonders if Jordan started both fires. “Who else could it have been?” Ciara wonders. Claire flashes back to sneaking into the cabin and starting the fire. She gulps.

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Ted tells Hope he's the new DA DaysAt the Salem PD, Rafe is surprised to see Ted walk in, looking for Hope. He informs them that he’s been appointed as the interim DA. He expects some congratulations but doesn’t get any. Rafe gets snarky and Hope tells him he has permission to question Jordan. Ted asks him to get a confession. He won’t accept an insanity defense. After Rafe walks off, Hope admits to Ted that she recommended him for his new position. She’s sure they can work together… temporarily. Rafe goes into the interrogation room to see Jordan, who insists she was trying to rescue Ciara. He reminds her that she tried to kill Kate. Jordan makes excuses and brings up her accident. It brought up a lot of horrible memories of another accident. Rafe interrogates Jordan DaysShe tells him about her childhood and the abuse she suffered. Jordan has realized that she crashed her mom and her baby on purpose, killing them to escape from Clyde. Jordan survived but it was still too late for her and Ben. Clyde left his mark on them. In tears, she begs him to say he understands. As he comforts her, Ted and Hope walk in. They take Rafe outside and go over the evidence. The cops insist Jordan is in no condition to go to trial. Ben wanders in. They tell him that Jordan is being remanded to Bayview. When Rafe leads Jordan out, Ben apologizes to his sister. She tells him he can’t help himself.

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Eve has news for Jack DaysWhen Eve gets to her room, Jack is waiting. She tells him that JJ’s new roommate has friends in high places. She informs him that Haley is Melinda’s sister. Eve is sure this could assure Jack will be the next mayor. He says they can’t use this information because of a promise he made to his son. Jack refuses to betray him. She warns that all of this could just blow up in JJ’s face and drive him to suicide again.

Haley returns home. JJ is there and tells her his sister is moving. She tells him her sister drives her nuts. When she mentions Tripp buying her lunch, he acts jealous. That makes her smile. She tells him they should remain only roommates. Sitting beside her, he says getting together would be a good idea and kisses her. They make out.

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