Abigail and Chad's 2019 wedding
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At Alice’s, Abby appears to her family in a white pantsuit and Doug asks who is ready for a wedding. Thomas appears with a rose and everyone grins. JJ plays the guitar and Julie starts the ceremony to join Abby and Chad in marriage. Doug takes photos from his cell phone as Julie asks if anyone knows why these two shouldn’t be joined. Jack jumps up. He’ll never forget witnessing her courage, joy, and her future. Abigail’s touched. Julie thanks Jack who spoke for them all. Abigail says her vows: “Chad, when we first fell in love, jenn and jack at abby weddingGod we had no idea of what we were getting ourselves into. They say that when you meet someone and fall in love, you’re drawn to them because they have something you need and we’re here today because I need you. I need your courage, your faith and love. I’m so beyond grateful at a second chance with you and a family with our beautiful children. You are the love of my life, Chad. There’s nothing I want more than to spend the rest of my days with you.” Chad says, “You’re so beautiful. When I look at you and our children, and our family and uh I see a future. A future that I almost lost. I doubted you. You’ve never doubted me. Your love for me has always been unwavering, absolutely unwavering. The other day somebody asked me what it is I felt you wanted. This crazy journey of ours… a house, job, things. It dawned on me in that moment that all you’ve ever wanted is me. Just me. Chad starts to cry and says, “You’ve always fought for your health and for us and I’m in awe of the woman I fell in love with. I’ll cherish you. I will protect you. I’m yours. And I’ll never doubt you again because a love like ours really does only come once in a life.” They exchange rings and Julie pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss and everyone claps. “We hate to marry and run,” Chad says but calls the entire family special to him. Abby reads Jack a passage from his book, causing Jack to be confused. He didn’t know he wrote one. Kate says goodbye to Chad, calling him the last decent DiMera. They embrace and she goes. Abs hugs JJ, then Jack and he asks if they can keep in touch. Jack asks Chad to take care of his daughter and the men shake hands. Everyone hugs and Abby and Chad go see Stefan, while Julie comforts Jenn, knowing she’s sad to see her kid leave. Jenn just wishes Eve wouldn’t stand in her way of helping Jack.

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By the pub, Eve gets a text from Jack that he’s at Jennifer’s for his daughter’s wedding. Eve sees Haley and flashes to Jack mentioning her immigration problem. She introduces herself. Haley remembers her from the New Year’s Eve party as “the wrecking ball” and gets in her face about what Eve did to JJ’s family. Eve rolls her eyes and stomps off.

At Doug’s Place, Melinda talks to Chloe about how frightened she must have been being held up by armed goons. She trashes Mayor Carver in an attempt to win Chloe’s vote. Eve strolls in and mocks Melinda for campaigning her heart out, then remembers Melinda doesn’t have a heart. Melinda  thinks hearts are overrated. She goes and Eve hugs Chloe, happy to see her in one piece. Eve’s shocked that Stefan saved her and that Chloe’s moved in with him. Chloe denies they’re romantic but brings up Jack. Eve loves Jack but Chloe thinks she’s using him and hurting his family. Eve knows this could blow up on her. They talk about Jack’s candidacy for mayor and how Eve needs some dirt for leverage.

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Gabi storms into the DiMera manse and Stefan grumbles about firing Harold.gabi upset that chad left dimera Gabi yells that Chad left DiMera. Stefan says it’s true and since Gabi Chic hasn’t performed as well as expected, she’s fired. Gabi’s pissed. Chad and Abby appear. They announce their marriage and Chad leaves the room while Stefan apologizes for taking advantage of her. He loved that other part of Abby and she loved him too. “I know,” Abby says. Meanwhile, Chad tells Stefano’s portrait he loves being a DiMera and that he’ll be back someday. Chad goes to shake Stefan’s hand and wish him luck. After they leave, Stefan has a meltdown as Chloe appears.

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Haley sees Tripp at Mandalay. He feeds her and she thinks of JJ when telling Tripp about her new trustworthy friend. Melinda sees them together and as Tripp goes, Melinda approaches and grabs her sister and drags her to the park. Eve follows and overhears Haley saying JJ swore he’d keep her secret. She also learns the two women are sisters. Back at Mandalay, Gabi whines to Kate that Stefan screwed her over.

At the pub, Jack and JJ have beers. JJ asks Jack not tochad and abby leave salem bust Haley for being undocumented.

Abby and Chad say goodbye to everyone at the Horton house.

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