chad forgives kate
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In Abby’s bedroom at Alice’s, she says yes to Chad’s proposal. They kiss while downstairs, Julie tries to talk Jennifer into trying to reunite with Jack. Jennifer doesn’t think that’s in the cards.

At JJ’s Jack admits he feels like a failure as a father because he didn’t know how to be there for Abigail during the crisis. JJ knows Abigail was lashing out because she was frightened. And Jack helped JJ feel better about his argument with Haley. JJ knows it’ll take time to get over the awkwardness but he’s glad to have his dad back. He needs Jack to promise to keep Haley’s secret. Jack isn’t sure he can. What if Haley’s using him for a green card? JJ snarks that they’d have to marry to do that.

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At SPD, Leo interrupts Diana as she’s about to tell Marlena something. Leo says he’s bringing two unrepentant criminals to justice. In walks Sonny and Will with Eli, who refuses to tell Marlena why they’re there. Marlena glares at Leo. He won’t get away with this. Diana looks uncomfortable as Leo blames this on his husband and her grandson. He’ll make them pay. Marlena snaps that Leo may think he has the upper hand but the truth always comes out. Diana looks around, wide-eyed. Inside the interrogation room, Eli gets the real story on Leo’s accident.

At the hospital, Kate barks at Haley about not everything being in a patient’s chart while reading RW Style magazine. Kate wants a new nurse but since she’s being kate hates haleyreleased, Haley says she’ll ensure someone else is assigned if she returns. She leaves as Chad appears. Kate tells him the story about Jordan trying to stage Kate’s overdose. Kate heard Charlotte’s doing well too and is happy that Abby forgave him. It’s time he forgave her, too. Kate is thrilled and tears up. She offers to help bring down Stefan but Chad wants to let it go. He smiles. He won by getting his family back. He tells her he’s marrying Abby tonight. He wants her to be there. “Wilds horses and a psychotic physical therapist couldn’t keep me away,” she says, as she cries. She thanks him for forgiving her. They embrace.

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Back at Alice’s, Abby tells Julie and Jennifer her news, that Chad’s taking over the DiMera offices in Paris. Jennifer’s taken aback but Julie supports her. She reminds Jenn that she and Jack took off to London for a fresh start. Jenn tears up and then hears that they’re leaving tonight. Jennifer cries in her daughter’s arms but supports her. Later, Abby has told them about the wedding and they react happily. They rush to get the house ready and Jenn agrees to invite Jack. Julie has taken care of flowers, food and champagne. Abby asks her to officiate. Julie agrees with tears in her eyes.

Haley interrupts Jack and JJ’s argument at JJ’s. When introduced, Haley’s sure to tell Jack she and JJ are just friends. She flashes to kissing JJ and Jack admits he wants to make sure his son doesn’t get hurt. Jennifer interrupts to invite them to Chabby’s wedding. JJ’s happy but Jack isn’t sure Abby would want that. Jenn corrects him. Abby specifically asked for him to be there. Jack and Jenn leave and JJ lies that he didn’t share her secret.

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Chad turns up at SPD to find Will and Sonny.chad tells will and sonny he's moving They update him on Leo’s machinations and since he can’t help, he confesses he and Abby are getting married today. Chad offers a lawyer but Justin’s taking their case. They say “a bientot” and reminisce during tearful hugs. Eli appears once Chad’s gone. He has to book them for attempted murder.

Jack and Jenn return to Alice’s. Julie’s happy to see Jack. He apologizes he doesn’t remember her. She introduces herself and Jenn compliments her decorations. Julie is glad Jack will be here so he’ll know JACK MEETS JULIEwhat it’s like to be a part of their incredible family. Later, Chad, Kate, and Abigail have arrived and Abby appears in a white pantsuit.

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