abigail and chad made love
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At home, Abigail has a nightmare. Chad snuggles her. They’re grateful to be together. Chad gets a text and grows quiet. He says Stefan’s been forced to pass on several deals worth millions since they weren’t both there to sign off on them. Chad wants a new start and move to Hong Kong or he can take the job intended for Eve, in Paris. Abby smiles but has reservations since her family is there. As they talk, Abby agrees to move to Paris. They kiss and Chad calls and accepts the Paris job. He’s needed there tomorrow morning. Abby’s shocked. Chad asks her to marry him before they go and Abby laughs, happily.

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In their room at Salem Inn, Sonny watches Will sleep. Will wakes up and tries to fix his bedhead. Sonny doesn’t mind. He offers to get breakfast but Will just wants to look at his ex. “How could I ever forget how beautiful you are. How beautiful we are. Together.” They smooch and make love. Later, Will says being with Sonny makes him feel alive. They kiss some more and become a little sad since their time together is almost up.

Leo wakes up tied to his bed. Gabi files her nails and gabi tortures leoasks if he likes the fabric of the pillows. They’re part of her new Gabi Chic redecoration line. Leo rants about being tied up. “Let me give you some advice. From one bitch to another, untie me now or I’ll redecorate your pretty little face.” Gabi grins, undaunted. She knows he doesn’t recall how he got here so explains how she knocked him out with a punch. Leo asks why. She tells him that he’s on her “you know what list” because of what he’s been doing to Sonny and Will. Leo retorts that they attempted to murder him. He details the experience and she snaps back that he’s no victim. He’s blackmailing Sonny into a loveless marriage.

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At Mandalay, Marlena comments on John seeming distracted. john and diana at the squareJohn flashes to Diana telling him Leo’s his son and is about to tell Marlena when Salem PD texts, asking her for an evaluation. She goes and Diana turns up and asks if he told Marlena yet about Leo. He hasn’t but plans on it as soon as he can. As they talk about Leo, Diana again doesn’t want Leo to know because it would upset him and John wouldn’t want to see Leo upset. John’s sorry but he can’t let this go. And he will be telling Marlena.

At SPD, Eli’s documenting his “own incompetence in letting Weston get the drop” on him. Lani comforts him then gives him a piece of Motown history for Valentine’s Day – a 45 record of the song, I’ll wait forever, by the Mynah Birds. Eli’s blown away. She says he didn’t get her a gift but he did. He whips out tickets to see the Chicago Symphony. Lani’s excited. They kiss. Later, Marlena appears. Eli thinks Jordan had a psychotic break and wants Marlena to determine if she’s fit to be questioned. Later, Diana bumps into Marlena who is there to apologize about lying when they first met. Marlena tells her to skip it. She knows exactly what Diana’s hiding. Marlena knows Diana sought her out. Diana was curious about the woman John could never forget. Marlena accepts her apology. Diana says there’s something she should know…

Gabi calls Sonny from the mansion lounge to update him on what’s happening with Leo, namely the “attempted murder” story. Sonny explains the accident. Gabi shakes her head and says he’s threatening to take the proof to the police. He gets his jollies from making others suffer. She asks Sonny what he wants to do about this.

John visits Roman at the pub and tells his friend that he still hasn’t told Marlena the truth about Leo and now he’s conflicted. John tells Roman about his meeting with Diana and worries if Leo finds out the truth, he’ll harm Will, Sonny or Marlena if he becomes angry. Roman wonders if Diana’s playing games.

Back at Salem Inn, Sonny tells Will he doesn’t want to give up on getting rid of Leo.

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Gabi returns to Leo’s room at the mansion with a gigantic pair of scissors. Leo yells, leo calls the cops on Will and Sonny“No! Not the family jewels!” Gabi snips one of the ropes so he’s free but threatens to snip “somewhere else” next time. She goes as he heaves a sigh of relief. Downstairs, Gabi sees Will and Sonny. They’ll take over things with Leo from here. Leo appears. He knows they tied him up to share Valentine’s Day together. They admit it and are done with him. The cops stroll in. Leo gives them an envelope with proof that Will and Sonny tried to kill him.

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