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At the hospital, Kate calls Rex clueless upon learning he encouraged Sarah to eat with his brother. Rex is unconcerned and reveals Sarah’s working on forgiving him. Talk turns to Jordan attempting to murder Kate and Rex has a flashback and realizes Jordan was the woman he spoke to at the pub. Kate’s keen to let the police know. By the nurses’ desk, Hope pushes Ted away as Rafe rushes up to embrace her. Hope updates him on Jordan having kidnapped Ciara. Rafe says he heard about it fromRafe warns Ted Eli and fills her in on Kate. Ted interjects that he was with Hope while she saved Ciara’s life. Rafe warns him to stay away from his wife, but Ted mocks him for going off to help his ex. Hope canoodles with Rafe. When he walks away, Ted grumbles that he takes Hope for granted. Hope chastises Ted for kissing her. Ted wishes Rafe had seen it. Suddenly, Rex rushes up to update Hope on having seen Jordan. In Ciara’s room, Jordan knocks Ben out as Ciara protests he wasn’t attacking her. Jordan moves to take care of her brother once and for all – she kneels and aims a syringe at his neck. Ciara leaves her bed and struggles with Jordan over the syringe.ciara fights jordan near ben Jordan’s about to stab Ciara with it when Ben attacks his sister from behind. The pair battles and Ciara yells, “Ben, no!” as Ben aims the syringe toward Jordan. Ben is red-faced with rage at Jordan trying to take the one person that matters to him. As Ciara reminds him he’s not a killer anymore, Rafe materializes and wrestles Ben off Jordan. Back in Kate’s room, Rex advises he’s reported his run-in with Jordan, and decides to head home to see Sarah. He mentions getting dessert on his way home, but Kate snaps with a laugh, “No, you be dessert!”

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At Eric’s place, he and Sarah contemplate sharing the Valentine’s meal together. They laugh over his donut story from last Valentine’s Day and Eric pours her some champagne. As they eat and chat, Sarah reveals she and Rex didn’t spend last Valentine’s Day together either – she recalls he drove a nurse, Marcy,Eric close moment sarah home in a storm and claimed he spent the night in a hotel afterward. Sarah suddenly wonders if he cheated on her that night. Eric suggests she give Rex the benefit of the doubt. Sarah pours more champagne and stabs Rex’s number into her phone. Eric stops her, so she calls Marcy instead and confronts her. She ends up wishing the woman a Happy Valentine’s Day – with her wife – then disconnects, and tells Eric she was wrong. She jokes maybe Marcy was sweet on her. Eric muses that Marcy has good taste then. Sarah moves close and asks what he means by that. He advises Sarah she’s honest and special and deserves to be loved. Rex arrives and reveals he brought Brady Pub coconut cream pie, but the box contains donuts. Sarah gives them to Eric, then heads to the bedroom with Rex.

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In the Horton living room, Abigail tells Chad the traumatic experience gave her perspective – she understands why he acted the way he did, and her anger fell away when he placed Charlotte back in her arms. She wants them to be a family again. Chad had nearly given up hope. They express their love and kiss. Jennifer arrives and exclaims over Charlotte’s safe return. They all hope Jordan’s found soon. Chad steps out and Abigail tells her mother it was the happiest moment of her life when Chad put Charlotte back in her arms. Chad returns – there’s no word on Jordan. Jennifer invites Chad to sleep on the sofa and takes Charlotte off to bed.abigail and chad close moment Abigail informs Chad she wants him to come upstairs with her. Once perched on the end of the bed, Chad expresses regret for not trusting her – all he wants is to make her happy. Abigail loves him; she never stopped and never will. They kiss. Chad dims the lights, they undress one another, and Chad lowers Abigail onto the bed, where they make love. After, Chad worries about not buying a Valentine’s Day gift. Abigail says this was the best gift.

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At the hospital, Ciara tells Rafe that Jordan brought the syringe into her room – she’s safe with Ben. Jordan protests as Rafe leads her out. Ben reels – he almost killed his sister; he wanted to. Ciara takes his shaking hand and holds him.

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