jordan knocks ben out
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Jordan pants and cries outside the pub, reeling that Ben is dead.

Outside the cabin, Ben and Ciara are found by Hope who points ciara hug hopeher gun at Ben and tells him to get away from her daughter. Ciara steps in front of Ben and defends him. Jordan was her captor. Hope has trouble believing this but once she does, puts away the gun and hugs her daughter while giving Ben the stink eye. Behind Hope lurks Ted.

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At Eric’s, Rex is crushed to see the chocolate bundt cake he made is burned. He tosses it in the garbage. Eric says Sarah loves his grandmother’s blueberry pie. Rex didn’t know. He rushes to the pub to get it while Eric reluctantly agrees to decorate for his brother’s Valentine’s Day date.

At Alice’s, Abigail is grateful to Chad for rescuing Charlotte. They’re shocked at Jordan’s deranged behavior and Chad tells Abby that Ciara’s fine too.

At Kate’s beside in the hospital, Kayla tells Rafe that it was an overdose but not from the pills from the bottle Rafe gave her. Kayla gets a text from Chad that Charlotte was found. She goes to examine the baby. Kate wakes up confused and tells Rafe that Jordan tried to kill her. She wants Rafe to stop her before she hurts someone else.

Back at the cabin, Hope gets a call and learns Charlotte is home. Hope turns to Ben with a sincere apology. “Don’t worry about it,” he says. If he was in her shoes, he’s not sure he’d have believed him either. Ciara embraces him and starts to cough so they get her to the hospital.

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Rex comes across Jordan outside the pub crying. He asks if she’s okay. She doesn’t respond so he tells her he’s a doctor and asks what a pretty woman like her is doing alone out here crying on Valentine’s Day. Jordan tells him her baby brother died today. Rex is sorry. She sobs and thinks it’s for the best. Rex is confused. Jordan tells him her life story with Ben and Clyde, and what it did to Ben, then admits she’s done something… Rex asks what but she doesn’t think a nice guy like him wants to hear that. She pins her hair up and Rex notices a huge red scar on her hairline at the back of her head. He inquires and learns it’s from a bad car accident. Kayla calls Rex about Kate’s overdose. He apologizes to Jordan. His mom was found in her hotel room after an overdose. He has to go. Jordan gasps and flashes back to drugging Kate. Rex calls Jordan a nice person and takes off. To herself, Jordan’s incensed about Kate messing things up for her. “Why can’t you just die?”

Back at Eric’s, he has his place set up for romance when Sarah arrives early. It’s awkward. He tells her about Rex asking him to keep her company while he picks up dessert and regales her with the story about the last Valentine’s Day which involved him declaring that the doughnuts Jennifer made for her date were his. Sarah laughs and calls him a dork.

At Alice’s, Kayla has examined the baby and finds her in good health. Everyone is shocked at how Jordan has changed. Kayla goes and Abigail calls Chad her rock. Chad will do everything he can for the three of them. He calls ripping Charlotte from her hands the biggest mistake of his life. Abigail says this tragedy has given her perspective. She forgives Chad. He nods. Him giving up his legacy meant a lot to her. They’re tired of being apart and want to be a family again. They tear up and profess their love then kiss.

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At the hospital, Ciara’s propped up in bed and Hope hugs her. rex and rafe with kate hospitalizedThey share I love yous and want to be close again. Ben approaches. He won’t fight if Hope needs to press charges against him for what he did to Eli. Hope smiles and says okay. She leaves them alone. From Kate’s room, Rafe makes a few calls and learns about Ciara and Charlotte being found. When Kayla returns, they fill her in on Jordan drugging Kate. Kate thanks Rafe for saving her. In Ciara’s room, Ciara admits she returned home early to work things out with him. They agree to try again and kiss. Kayla arrives and examines Ciara. They discuss what Jordan did and Ben beats himself up for not realizing what his sister was up to. Rex arrives to see Kate. ted kisses hopeThey embrace and the men are introduced. Rex thanks Rafe for saving his mom. Rex calls Sarah to update her on Kate’s hospitalization. He suggests she and Eric share dinner. Jordan arrives wearing scrubs. Nearby, Ted tells Hope he’s never met such a strong woman. He shocks her with a kiss. She shoves him and tells him never to do that again, just as Rafe approaches. Back in Ciara’s room, Ben and Ciara are kissing when Jordan hits Ben over the head with a food tray and lands out cold on the floor.

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