jordan drugs kate
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Kate bumps into Jordan in the park. Jordan drops her groceries. Kate heard Jordan was in town. They pick up the groceries and Kate notices diaper rash cream.  Jordan claims it’s for injuries. Annoyed, she tries to leave but Kate stops her and asks who the groceries are really for. They get snarky with each other and Kate demands she help them find Charlotte if she knows anything about her disappearance. Jordan asks why she’s coming after her this way. Kate thinks it’s suspicious that she is suddenly in Salem. She doesn’t think the rash cream is for her and outright accuses Jordan of kidnapping Charlotte and Kate calls the cops. Jordan injects her with a drug and Kate becomes woozy.

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From his hotel room, Ben’s shocked to find hope arrests benCiara’s cell phone in his underwear drawer. Just then, the police pound frantically on his door. Ben starts breathing heavily. He lets Hope and Eli in. Hope again demands to know where Ciara is but he yells that he has no idea. Eli tells him to “calm your ass down.” They question him about talking to Ciara. Ben denies that he did and Hope asks if it was a hallucination, then asks if he thinks it’s possible that he blacked out. He swears he didn’t. Eli asks if he can look around so Ben lets him. Eli finds a blanket for Charlotte that Julie knitted. Ben doesn’t know how it got there. Hope arrests him and they find Ciara’s phone. They question why he has it and he reveals he just found it.

Brady finds Chloe at Doug’s Place and says he’s hired a team chloe wont move in with bradyof bodyguards to watch her, Nancy and the kids. Chloe tells him she’s moving in with Stefan DiMera which Brady doesn’t like. He doesn’t trust Stefan. He knows the guy has an ulterior motive. Chloe scoffs. She hardly knows Stefan. Brady thinks Stefan is lonely and has nobody. She’s a void to fill his life. Chloe disagrees. Brady thinks this is about him and Titan. He wants her to move in with him but Chloe doesn’t want to live with him. She’s being proactive and prioritizing her kids and career and thinks Brady’s plate is full. She can’t lose his friendship. Brady gets it but doesn’t want her moving in with Stefan.

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At home, Stefan reads about Charlotte’s disappearance until Gabi appears. He instructed his staff not to let her in but she needs his signature to start on a new Gabi Chic project. gabi yells stefanHe doesn’t care. She thinks the pain medication is affecting his brain and calls it a shame he wasn’t shot where “it could do some real damage.” Stefan flashes back to the shooting then asks if she’s sure she didn’t hire the thugs. If she did, she says they wouldn’t be having this conversation. Stefan grins. Gabi doesn’t want to put more stress on Chad by asking for his input, causing Stefan to laugh. He doesn’t think that she cares about Charlotte. They argue about Gabi’s gaslighting and Stefan calls Charlotte a weapon in Gabi’s “sick revenge game.” Gabi rips back and stomps off.

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At the cabin, Ciara cries when she can’t comfort Charlotte who is crying. ben and caira at cabinCiara hears someone knocking and calls for help then Ciara hallucinates that Ben’s there and checking on Charlotte. Ciara tells Ben that Jordan’s dangerous and is the kidnapper. Later, Ben’s gone and Ciara realizes she’s hallucinating from the drugs.

Brady arrives home and tells Maggie about Chloe’s move. She knows but it’s up to her to decide how to protect her kids. Brady’s upset and wants Chloe to move in with them but Maggie thinks he’s mostly jealous.

Chloe arrives at Stefan’s and Stefan greets her and asks her to make herself at home. He thinks it’ll be nice having them in there and tells her there’s a movie theatre for them to view movies. He’s hoping she’ll enjoy her stay. He gives her some toys for the kids. She’s grateful, yet surprised. Later, Chloe has settled the kids in. They love the gifts.jordan takes drugged kate away

At the square, Gabi’s puzzled when she sees Kate draped over Jordan’s arm looking out of it. She asks, “Jordan? What’s going on here?” Jordan says Kate’s drunk and she’s taking her home to sleep it off. Gabi offers to help but Jordan refuses. Gabi’s disturbed but watches them walk away.

At SPD, Eli thinks the evidence they found was damning but…Hope thinks it’s enough to send Ben back to Bayview. In the interrogation room Ben says, “Hope is wrong. I think. What if she’s wrong? My God. Could I have blacked out…”

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